Center Realm: The Girl and Her Glowing NecklaceCenter Realm: The Girl and Her Glowing Necklace

Center Realm: The Girl and Her Glowing Necklace

by varean

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"Take me to the place I desire." Rose Ann Bardot is a girl who’s been living under the roof together with terrible people after tragically losing her beloved mother. Her grandmother and her aunties have mistreated and starved her for as long as she can remember. Every day she hopes that she’ll be set free from the grasp of her evil relatives. The only thing that sparks hope in her heart is a beautiful necklace that her mother entrusted to her. Knowing that whenever she wears it, she feels the comfort of her mother. Little does she know that one day, the necklace would be the cause of her salvation and her discovery of a new world. Join Rose as she embarks on a journey to a place she would never imagine exists. And along the way she uncovers secrets and mysteries she’d never expected. ~~~ Inspired by Alice in Wonderland & The Nutcracker and The Four Realms. Fairy tales are real. x ~~~ [[!!!]] I do not own the art on my book cover. Credits go to whoever illustrated it. ~~~ Hello there! If you plan to read my book after that synopsis then buckle your seatbelts, it'll be a long ride. If you're not convinced, then beware, I'll hunt you down. Kidding! I won't force anyone but do give it some thought. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I'll very much appreciate your support by sharing some of your power stones. Gifts are optional however, it'll really motivate me when you send me a gift. Also, feel free to leave reviews or comments, I enjoy reading them. That's all, happy reading!

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