1 Prologue

Legends are sometimes true, as the story of this child attests.

Born under the name of Meldiriel Cendrelune, she was the result of the passionate and fusional love that her parents had for each other, yet everything opposed, be it history, origins or species. Her mother was born out of the love between a Fae and a Necromancer, her father from a family where lycanthropy and sorcery mingled in blood and violence.

A carrier of four bloods whose coming was predicted by a prophecy, her birth claimed the lives of her parents in her third year, when they were trapped, attacked and slaughtered before her eyes, hidden for her own survival.

She was discovered by a strange woman with ice cold skin, who named her Blue to make her forget this drama. For years Blue called her "mother," completely ignoring her role and active participation in what had condemned her to live no better than a dog on a short leash.

A few years later, her unique appearance: snow white skin; a braid the end of which brushed against her calves, black with a blueish tint; and her eyes, so strange, the right one being the color of silver with a blood red reptilian pupil, the left one bearing the opposite hues, attracted the attention and violence of an angel-faced assassin, releasing her memories, anger and hatred.

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