55 Arrangements

  "What is this ability!?"

  As the crow transformed into the "Plague Doctor Suit", Han Dong's awe for Mr. Black and White grew.

  A raven feather from his beak could transform into a raven with spiritual intelligence, but it could also be further transformed into a 'suit'.

  Han Dong also took out the 'Plague Doctor's Short Blade' at the same time, and with this outfit, it truly resembled a medieval death doctor.

  Taking out the Fate Weapon, Han Dong only wanted to test whether the weapon had a unique effect in this particular environment.


  As Han Dong gently shook the short blade, he noticed that the bacteria spores floating in the air had gathered and covered the blade to increase the damage of his next attack.


  The creatures in the old sewer also avoided Han Dong as much as possible, either because he was holding a special short knife or wearing a special beak suit.

  Follow the directions on the mushroom-covered surface of the guideposts.

  Bypassing the complicated sewer tunnel.

  Across a pool of bubbling ponds and bubbling puddles of skeleton-shaped fungus gas.

  We need a corner where giant spotted mushrooms grow.

  At last, I came to the iron gate with the "Fungus Mushroom Research Laboratory (Pasha Burkhart)" sign. Burkhart)]] in front of the iron door.

  Han Dong exerted 100% of his ghoul strength to turn the hydraulic dial and open the iron door.

  Passing through a quarantine tunnel, with a large amount of disinfectant spray, cleaning off the bacteria and spores covering his body, Han Dong finally arrived at the First Mentor's office.

  It was crude and clean.

  A desk with all kinds of documents and pharmaceutical products.

  A wooden bookcase against the wall, in which a large number of books on the plague are listed and wacky formations on the walls and drawings related to the human body.

  And a wooden bed placed in the corner.

  No lab equipment for fungal research was visible at the moment, I suppose the lab should be separated from the personal office.

  Ms. Pasha was wearing a pair of brass-rimmed glasses and writing some information at the wooden table.

  When Han Dong came in, she didn't turn back, but indifferently inquired.

  "What did Mr. Black and White keep you there alone for?"

  Han Dong explained the situation briefly, and when talking about the two-week time limit, the pencil in Ms. Pasha's hand immediately stopped and turned her head while frowning.

  "What! Two weeks! To get you killed?"

  Pasha looked at it from her own experience.

  Entering a true destiny space, preparation needed if not a semester, but at least half a semester is required!

  Only by acquiring and controlling the most basic occult abilities can you have the capital to travel to the Destiny Space, and in the meantime, you have to prepare the best 'supplies' and adjust yourself to the best condition, Otherwise, you will die.

  Teacher Pasha collected her emotions and continued.

  "This is also Mr. Black and White's arrangement, there must be a reason for it.

  Time is too short, and the study about 'Plague Science' will start today. Don't go back to the student dorm for the next two weeks, you'll be staying in the office!"

  Pasha pointed to the side of the wooden bed.

  "So, what about you, teacher?"

  "I'll sleep with you."


  Han Dong was stunned, his thinking affected to some extent.

  Pasha was busy correcting a sentence, "I mean, you sleep on this wooden bed and I'll sleep in the rest room next door."

  "Hmm, Miss Pasha, do you have any other students under your name?"

  When Pasha was asked about this, she even coughed twice to hide her embarrassment.

��� "Ahem, I have high expectations of my students, and many of them are unable to adapt to the harsh environment of the [Old Sewer].

  Even if they have some talent in plague science, they don't want to come down here to study, preferring to stay inside the tower and follow those professors."

  Actually, a simple sentence could sum it up.

  Low qualifications, poor environment, and high requirements, how could this recruit students.

  In this way, Han Dong was considered the first student of Pasha Burkhart, the first member of the research team.

  At this moment, Pasha glanced at the short blade held in Han Dong's left hand, and was surprised when she saw the layer of green scent covering the blade's surface.

  "Plague Attribute Fate Weapon, where did you get it?"

  "I hope Miss Pasha will keep this a secret for me, I hid it from you when I enrolled in school, "Plague Doctor's Short Blade", from the Hidden Reward from the first Destiny Event."

  Hidden event.

  Pasha knew exactly what it meant.

  The Fate Event itself was incredibly dangerous, and to find and take the time to complete the Hidden Event in a dangerous environment required an extremely strong personal ability.

  To be able to obtain the Fate weapon in a novice event, Pasha had never seen it before.

  "...Not bad."

  Pasha suppressed her surprise as much as possible.

  A trainee knight who could incidentally complete a hidden event in the Novice Event, she had never heard of.

  It was also becoming clear why Mr. Black and White was paying extra attention to Han Dong.

  As such, the two of them began to chat about some basic information, which was a mutual understanding.

  When talking about Han Dong's understanding of 'Plague Science', Han Dong brought out a part of his living memory about 'Pathology' and 'Mycology'.


  To really talk about basic scientific knowledge, in terms of understanding at the level of mycology (fungi, bacteria), Han Dong was definitely stronger than Instructor Pasha.

  However, what Han Dong had to learn now was not the basics, but if he used the power of the 'Plague'.

  Thus, Han Dong had reservations when elaborating on his understanding, he only recounted some 'superficial' understanding.

  "Well, you have some knowledge to save a lot of time." Pasha acknowledged.



  As Han Dong prepares to give a description of the "Ghoul Arm" situation.

  The costume changes into a raven again, and the mouth even emits the voice of Mr. Black and White, directly explaining about Han Dong's situation, and as the head of the department, asking Pasha to keep this a secret.

  This way, it would save Han Dong from having to explain.

  "Okay, Mr. Black and White, just two weeks?"

  "That's right, for two weeks, make sure Nicholas is proficient with the Ghoul Arm.

  In the meantime, make sure he can use the true power of the Fate weapon, plus just teach him a basic plague control technique."


  The communication ended, and the raven looked at Han Dong with his black pupils.

  "I've given it some thought, so let this raven serve as your goggles.

  After soul-bonding with you, the raven will be completely disconnected from me, and can switch between 'living raven' and 'beak costume' on its own."

  "Thank you, Mr. Black and White."

  As he said so.

  The raven flew to Han Dong's wrist.

  With its sharp beak, it poked Han Dong's fingertips and drank a drop of blood to establish a permanent connection.

  At the same time, a black feather mark emerged at the back of Han Dong's hand, allowing him to control this particular raven through his mind.

  Meaning, the raven became Han Dong's belongings and was completely cut off from Mr. Black and White.

  At this moment, the serious atmosphere in the office suddenly changed.

  Miss Pasha, who was sitting solemnly and smiling at all times, suddenly showed a strange smile and deliberately messed up his hair.

  From the bottom drawer of his desk, she took out a bottle of home-made white wine, along with two clean wine glasses.

  Casually shrugging off the heels off her feet, and put her long legs up on the desk.

  A status quo of staff members sneaking around after the leader's surveillance was over.

  A wet tongue slid between her lips, as if she couldn't wait to taste the wine.

  The teacher's appearance, which was completely devoid of the previous demure and polite manner, paired with Pasha's own high-quality face and beautiful body, immediately gave birth to a large amount of sex appeal.

  Pouring a full glass of wine, she handed it to Han Dong.

  "Drink? Alcohol was the savior that kept me alive in the [old sewer]. I was never religious, only believed in it."

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