Celestial Cultivation Book

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Celestial Cultivation


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Lucifer is an assassin; the world’s finest assassin who suddenly vanished on his last mission with his perfect record intact. Deemed the Heavenly Womanizer who could never fall in love and slept with thousands of women. He conquered the heavenly peach and put males to shame while placing females in Heaven. Not many knew about him, but those who did shiver in fear; while females shivered in excitement. One day after completing his last mission, a white light enveloped him erasing him from the world and transmigrating him into a new one. A world full of excitement and danger; but there was a certain thing that made Lucifer whole. Love... Being able to feel love for the first time; he walked the path of a Dual Cultivator. The Heavenly Womanizing Assassin who feels love finds himself in a world full of infinite possibilities. -------------------------- Take a journey with our Perverted MC on his quest to reach true immortality and divinization. Will he be Celestial?