"LILY WAKE UP!" my mom shouted from the kitchen,"I'm coming !" I yelled while jumping off my bed onto my fury white carpet . I showered and dressed in my favourite black ripped jeans , bubble gum crop top and white fila shoes and let my blond hair down and jetted down stairs. "Good morning " I said while sitting down and quickly eating my breakfast , which was waffles , after I ate I kissed my mom on the cheek "Bye" and ran out the door ,"HAVE A GOOD DAY HONEY" my mom replied while waving me goodbye. I arrived at school and saw my three best friends Shay , Leo and Beth , RING RING RING !! the bell rang as I rushed inside and got my books for class. At lunch we all met up in the cafeteria, " Lets go to our favourite spot , Shay said while winking at me , I blushed and replied

"Sure why not" . E everyone agreed and we drove there for lunch. "I'm going to order my favourite pizza" Beth exclaimed with excitement , "Lily come with me " she begged , " No ,I'm good I will just stay here " , Pleaseeee" she begged again giving me her best puppy eyes " Fine " I said with a sigh. We ordered the pizza and while eating Shay was staring at me the whole time ! he then got up and grabbed me by my arm and pulled me to the restroom "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" I exclaimed .