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Isang pamilyang maraming tinatago hindi mo namalayan na pumasok na pala sila sa buhay mo. Isa silang mga pakialamero sa gulong ng iba tao pero kapag Mahal ito ng isang CARVENTAS maswerte kana dahil proprotectahan ka higit pa sa buhay nila. They are true with their words, PROMISE are not meant to be broken and lastly unconditional love they will give you but have so many secrets na kailangan na sila lang ang makakaalam with their relatives.

Haligi ng tahanan: Jun Matthew Carventas

Ilaw ng tahanan: Olivia Aki Garments-Carventas

First son of Aki & Jun

Mebal Silver

Second son

Kermit Thun

Third son

Alender Aris

Fourth son

Benjamin Franklin

Fifth son

Clever Der

Carter Seb

Sixth daughter

Mars Fourth

Seventh daughter

Camel Lyde

Let's begin with the first born son Mebal story tunghayan natin ang kwentong ito na bahagi nang kalahating pagkatao ni Unknown Author.


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