1 the beginning

perfection is beauty , perfection isn't perfect .

ballet is beauty , ballet is grace , ballet is eternal.

feel it . potray it . love it .

be beautiful .be perfect .

shine like the sole moon between the stars in the dark night , you are beauty , you are light !

my name is carson raymond , the sole heir of the raymond family .

the raymond family that has most contributions in ballet , every member of raymond was nd is the genius nd prodigies of ballet.

my father,mather nd i live in an apartment , even having a huge mansion idk why we live like this while leaving my grandmother alone in the mansion .

from childhood , the age of two , i started ballet .no one forced me to do ballet because they respected my choice but whenever i hear orchestral music, i could feel my body wanting to dance , whenever my mother danced on the stage, especially swanlake , there was a strange passion in me.

i also wanted to dance ballet , to dance swanlake , to potray odett nd odiel .

it was beautiful , she was beautiful , they were beautiful.

i started dancing ballet at the age of 2 not just the male moves but the female too

i practiced on pointè shoes nd without them .

my body maybe became tired but my passion wasn't .

it gave me a warm feeling whenever i danced .

the fouettes, periouettes . it was just graceful and elegant .

at a young age , i won many national competitions . at the age of 16 , i became a professional ballerino but the passion to dance swanlake was still there .

my father passed away in a car accident when i was 5 , my mother nd grandmother supported me to reach this point nd untill my father was alive he also supported me as long as he passed away .

my mother had to to go abroad to perform in a ballet show so i'm gonna live my grandmother for a while . i've never lived with my grandmother but i don't know why.

"ig i never got a chance " carson said as he was doing some stretching excercise in the ballet class

"this is my school , its one of the top music schools .they are many music departments like opera , orchestra , ballet in this school.

we all are soon going to perform "swanlake"

nd im going to start a revolution by performing the role of odett nd odile . ig i will finally achieve my dream soon " said carson in his mind while a smile on his face .

as the class end , carson changed his clothes .

as he went up to the school gate , his grandmother nd the butler was waiting on the entrance .

carson walked up to his grandmother nd said "hey grandma , you look quite beautiful " .

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his grandmother elegantly made a hand gesture of ballet while she moved her hand towards carson as she said "you too , you too .the grand prodigy of ballet " while on a gleam smile on her face .

" i have nearly just kept alive the honour of raymond family " said carson with a humble look on his face nd a smile.

later after the car reached the raymond mansion.

carson got out along with his grandmother .

the butler got the laggage of carson out as he took it inside the house.

carson said while he was looking at the mansion from oustide " i never knew it looked so beautiful but why does it look so creepy "

carson 's grandmother said calmly "it has been standing here since the 19th century , ofcourse it will look creepy "

lets go in .

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