Carla: The Chosen One Book

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Carla: The Chosen One


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A prophecy was foretold about a young female child who would grow up to become the savior of her people against the ruthless and cruel King Zhao. That female child who would cause his downfall would be his own blood. Years later, as foretold, that female child was born to Sabina, a former concubine of the wicked King who had manage to escape the palace walls. That child's name was Carla. Carla grew up as the second daughter of Sabina and Harold in a secluded part of the Kingdom. She was trained by Harold in archery and sword fighting because of the fate that lay ahead of her. But when Carla's family is obliterated one night, leaving behind Carla as an homeless orphan, she joins the army under false pretenses to find out the truth about her parents death and avenge them. Unknown to her, her quest for revenge against those who killed her family sets her on the path to fulfilling the prophecy that was foretold about her. She soon meets and falls in love with Melvin but when Melvin turns out to be the son of her sworn enemy and a life changing revelation about her identity is brought to light, Carla is torn. Now she must pick between exerting her revenge and following her heart's desire. What path will she take?


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