Caribs Chronicle Book 1(Hiatus) Book

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Caribs Chronicle Book 1(Hiatus)


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It was a bright cold day in December, and the clocks were striking midnight. A man was lying on a prison cell, with his eyes opened as if shocked and frightened. He looked as if he was struggling to escape with his feet bounded by a rope, the way people crawl when someone is chasing them but due to haste they fall. But the man was not struggling or crawling. He was dead, with his back sliced open, and his neck ripped open’ "We found him like this, isolated, bounded, bitten... " The man in black spoke while slowly trailing off "....Dead.... fourth one this month, Ive never seen anything like it before. Could it be a monster?"The man in brown continued the sentence while wondering about it "Worse... judging from the bitemarks, it's human"the man in black spoke slowly "Human?! but sir, why would someone do such a thing?" "We all have our own weird fetishes, this ones fetish, is eating human flesh"