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Carefree douluo in douluo dalu


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What is Carefree douluo in douluo dalu

Read Carefree douluo in douluo dalu fanfiction written by the author Kaizerblast on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is others fanfic stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"l only wish for a carefree life and be surrounded by nature, and it was impossible in this life but if there was a next life l wist to fulfil this wish of mine" he said before he lose his life. In his second life his wise come true but it was shortlived as he was forced to become a spirit master. In order to fulfill his dream of two life time and the expectation of his parent he grow to become strong. (This story take place in DD 1 and there will be many manmade character and place or even event that l will made so it will probably will become different from the manhwa)

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It is good characters it is good stability it haswhich MC is good is power rating are also good has good character has nice ambition quiz good luck be ready best of luck thank you


I like this story very much. MC is little op and have fast growth rate but still believable due to past life as larger than life general figure. I hope that author continue with the story. It was getting interesting.


I like the mc's character and personality the story is good I really like this fan-fic pls keep doing your best with updating chapters. ~~~~~~~~~


Reveal spoiler


I like your idea of making your own characters. I really don't like to read fan fics especially the ine that im familiar with because i already know how the story goes and when the author's change the flow of the original story it just not right. I always like to read fan fics that only copy the world and power system but change the timeline of the story.


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