In every story, especially when it's a first person point of view, the main characters always gets to introduce themselves. So that's what I'm going to do since my life is one heck of a joy ride, I might not get a chance to introduce myself.

Hi, the name's Samantha Nicole, no need to tell my last name since you'll meet my mom along the way. If you're also thinking that my name is too long well worry no more, for I have a nickname, and not to mention A LOT. This is because my friends call me by any sort of names and I'm definitely fine with that as long as it is close to my original name. You might also need a pen and paper for this one, no just kidding, so let's see... My friends sometimes call me Sammy or Summer because it matches my personality, my relatives call me Nikki or Niks as a short version for my second name, my brothers call me Niknaks because it sounded bubbly according to them, but the most common one is they just call me by Sam.

Regarding my personal life, it's only a simple one, I'm not that rich and I'm also not that poor, I'm just a regular girl. But most of my colleagues are telling me that I'm rich just because I always treat them to snacks and other stuff, but believe me, I don't buy the luxury stuff. Just those stuff that you can buy in stalls or in the mall that says 10-20% off every sale day. The school that I also go to is just a regular one, not those private schools wherein everyday some kids bring out their latest gadget or bag, nope, just a simple school located near my home. That's why I only walk or take my bike when going there. I'm also at my junior year, while my brothers are already at their senior year that's why they're so busy with many requirements and stuff.

High school life is really fun and exciting because you have your friends to count on and tell your everyday life to. Your roudy classmates also makes the day better making everyone laugh with their lame jokes and body gags. Those classmates of yours that would probably take a peak on your notes for the homeworks, but the only thing that never goes missing in this high school life of mine, is those people with their flirty love life!

Ah yes, that typical scenario wherein a girl and a boy confesses their feelings for each other and ending up in a very clingy scenery. Number 1 hot topic here in my school, look to the left? look to the right? geez, lovers everywhere! I have that gut feeling that only a handful are left single here in our campus, and of course, including me. Never had any experience with that said relationship with deep feelings for the opposite gender. Who would absolutely have feelings for me in this situation of mine, like, imagine this, I have straight black hair, shoulder length, very prim and proper in the morning but when afternoon comes, it looks like 10 monkeys grabbed it in different directions. Next, my eyes, it has 20-20 vision, brown pupils, but has deep eyebags. I tend to sleep late because of school work and I really love reading books at night after finishing homeworks. Also, my skin tone is only fair and not that smooth like we see in those commercials.

My friends told me that I should just smile so that all my beauty insecurities would just disappear because when I smile, they're telling me that I'm cute and such, which is a nice compliment for me and that's why I also love my friends because of that. They always uplift my spirit.

Let's get back to what I have said earlier, that thing we call "Love Life" or the "Unexplainable Relationship Between Different Genders" to what I should call it. I don't really know if I should be jealous that people at my age are already finding their partners in life while I'm here living my ever glorious regular life. I just kept on telling myself that I should focus on studying first, but NO, I can't really help myself. Just look at my two older brothers, my first older brother whose name is Sage Nikolai, already has a girlfriend and she's really nice too! She's like an older sister to me already. And my second older brother, Skyler Noel, gosh, don't ask me. He's one of the most famous one in the campus, and yes, he's always being mobbed by girls in school.

But I don't really mind at all, as long as they're still doing their job in treating me as their little sister, all is well. My mom also told me and she always reminds me everytime I get jealous with my brothers' relationships, is that I should just wait. As long as I am patiently waiting, there will be someone who will come that is trustworthy and right for me. So yeah, I followed her advice, but for that so long of patiently waiting, there's this unexpected happening that I can never ever truly forget.

So come and join me as I tell you this story of mine on how I started do discover and enter this world of "Unexplainable Relationship Between Different Genders" and how I met "Him" with just a glimpse of his eyes.

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