1 Welcome to School

This morning when Rose woke up , she was filled with excitement as it was her first day in the new school . Rose was a high schooler in her teenage with big cute eyes , long black flowing hairs , slim slender figure and long skinny legs . Her beauty was breath taking and worth watching . Her family transferred to a new city and so she was .

She got up and get ready for school . Her skirt , just above the knees was showing her beautiful legs and her shirt , a little tight was adoring her sexy figure . She had her breakfast and ran to school .

On reaching school , She was super excited to explore the new world . On her way to the class , she bashed against a manly figure . His eyes were cold and hungry as that of a vampire . He has a perfect chiseled face with prominent jawline and was having a handsome figure .

Just as Rose saw him , she was captivated by the Demi - God figure in front of her . She got up and said " Oh ! I am so sorry . I was in a hurry so...." , but the manly figure moved on without a word !! Rose was pissed off by this and thought " It would be better if he had learned some manners . Huh ! what a waste of his beauty ".

But she knew that she won't be meeting him again in this big population , so , she left his thought and moved on with same excitement .

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