Captured (Binned) Book

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Captured (Binned)


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I may eventually pick this book back up. I have other priorities right now. I glance around noticing the last three wolves have been slaughtered, the pain and realization of being alone burning in my chest. I run towards the man howling as I go for the loss of my family, my pack. He smiled a wicked grin as I lunged at him. He rolled out of the way as another man shot me with a dart. I tried recovering and going back after the foul man but the silver inside my body became too excruciating to ignore. Suddenly I became sleepy, refusing to fall asleep I drunkenly go toward the man. Weakly I raise my paw and go to scratch him, instead, I fall forward on my face and lay there. Defeated. Ready to accept death. “She’ll make a good addition. Take her away.” Was all I heard before the darkness welcomed me. Edeen a twenty-one-year-old werewolf has been taken by hunters for a wolf fighting pit. They've destroyed her pack and have taken her from her mate. Desperate she's fighting for her life. Will she survive? Will she find a way to escape, or is she doomed to a death in the fighting ring walls?