1 Chapter 1


I ran as fast as I could as the monster kept chasing me. I had no idea where I was going but I couldn't turn back. My heart kept beating erratically. My whole body was trembling and my mind had gone haywire. The only sound coming was of the dry leaves crushing under my shoes and my irregular breathing. Suddenly I felt a cold hand on my elbow which tugged me behind. I screamed and fought against the grip but it was too strong. Tears rolled down my cheek. "HELP! SOMEBODY HELP" I cried out loud. Nothing. I kept struggling, crying, shouting for help but it was of no use. As soon as I opened my mouth to scream again a hand came on my mouth. I muffled a scream. My back was pressed against a hard muscular chest. Hot breath fanned my ear as he came closer and spoke, "Did you really think you could get away after doing that. Now you will have to face the consequences"

"No please NO I'M SORRY. Please let me go",I pleaded.

Suddenly someone started shaking me. I got up and started gasping for air. My skin was clammy as sweat trickled down my forehead. I looked around my surroundings. I was in my room. DREAM. It was just a dream. I keep having these nightmares after the incident that happened two years ago.

"Sweety are you okay?", my mom asked me in a concerned voice. I hugged her tightly and my tears started to flow again. She patted my head and asked in a gentle voice "Bad dream?" I nodded my head. "It's okay, it was just a dream", she said softly. I smiled at her. She is

an amazing mom.

"Come on get up. You don't want to be late on your first day of school". Oh crap! I totally forgot about it.

It is my first day of my senior year. One year until graduation. I hope this year goes smoothly. Mom got up and went downstairs, probably to make breakfast.

I got up from my bed and dragged my feet to the bathroom. After having a long warm shower and getting ready I headed downstairs finding my younger sister Natasha and mom having breakfast. "Good morning Natt", I greeted her and sat down to have my scrambled egg and pancakes. My mom is an amazing chef. She is good at cooking everything. Seafood is her speciality.

My sister grinned at me from ear to ear. It looks creepy. "Excited for the new school year?", she beamed at me. I rolled my eyes at her. "What's there to be excited, it's not like I am going school for the first time".

"You're so boring. I was just trying to make a small talk" she pouted. I laughed at her and resumed eating. She can be very irritating at times but she is even very supportive and I love her. She is four years younger than me. She is fourteen.

"Are you coming with me or going with your friends?" I asked her as I took my car keys, mobile, and wallet.

"No you go ahead I'll come with Chriselle", she answered. I nodded and went outside. Taking my car out of the garage I rode off to school. It takes hardly twenty minutes to reach the school. Once I reached I parked my car and got out to be greeted with cold air. I should have worn a sweater.

I waited for Travis and Lily, my only two friends I have since kindergarten.

I smile as I remember how Travis was so timid and shy when we offered him to sit with us. Lily was sending him creepy smiles obviously scaring him.

I looked around searching them. I immediately spotted Lily as she walked towards me swinging her hips.

Lily is very beautiful. She has long auburn hair reaching her waist. Brown doe eyes, small nose and perfect lips. She has rich dark natural tanned skin. I on the other hand have dark blonde hair reaching above my waist. Light blue eyes and a little light freckles.

I smile at her as she approaches me. She has a huge smile plastered on her face showing her perfect white teeth.

She comes and hugs me tightly. Very tightly. "I can't breathe!" I gasp. She immediately loosens her hold. "I am sorry" it's okay. "Yeah you say it everytime", I joke. She rolls her eyes, " Yeah whatever girl. So how were your holidays?", she asked. "Nothing productive." I said. "How was Italy?" I inquired.

  She grinned" It's amazing. There are a lot of places to visit . Architecture is beautiful and the people are very friendly." I smiled at her as she kept talking about her wonderful time in Italy. "I did a lot of shopping. I brought you a bag, I hope you like it", she said nervously.

   "I'm sure I will", I assured her. She smiled and nodded.


      Many students passed us as we walked down the school hallway. Some having happy faces while some frowning.

    Let's be honest who likes school? I love  studies but I honestly feel schools are waste of time.

     I am not a nerd with no social life but I am a straight A student.

        I'm mastering biology and minoring in chemistry.

    Suddenly someone pulls me breaking my train of thoughts. I looked behind to find a grinning Travis. "What's up girls?", he asked wiggling his eyebrows which made me laugh. "Nothing", Lily answered.

    "Where were you?", I questioned as we started walking to our lockers. "With Emily", he spoke and I rolled my eyes.

     Emily has been Travis' girlfriend from three years. I don't know what he sees in Emily. She is one of the bootlicker of the Queen bee. She has a very annoying and squeaky voice.

    "I don't know why your still with her", Lily  spoke with disgust. Lily and Emily have this Cold War going between them. They look at each other with pure hatred. Emily keeps on pestering her with harsh comments behind Travis' back.

     "Come on guys she's not so bad", Travis pouted. This boy is madly infatuated by her beauty.

He says he loves her but he's not in love. Emily is just using him but who can explain it to him. He is blinded by infatuation not love. Emily will use him to get closer to Tristan and then leave him. Tristan Spencer is acquainted to Travis. Their fathers are friends and and partners in business.

    According to everyone, Tristan Spencer is the hottest boy in William Woodrow High. To me he is just a playboy who has slept with almost every girl in the school.

    I was brought out of my thoughts when I bumped into a hard chest. I was about to fall when a pair of strong hands caught and steadied me. I looked up to see the darkest shade of green staring me intensely. Tristan.

    I saw a smirk forming on his lips. He came closer to my ear making a shiver run down my spine. "Staring is rude blueberry", he whispered. Blueberry? Who the hell is blueberry?

    I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "I'll rather stare at poop all day than looking at your stupid face".

    "Oh but all the girls love my pretty face", he batted his eyelashes. Cocky much?

      "I'm not one of them". I said and grabbed Lily's and Travis' hand who were standing and looking at me, correction Lily was drooling over Tristan.

     "HE IS SO HOT", Lily whispered loudly. "I don't get it why girls like him. He is just and egoistic jackass who plays around", I said and for the first time Travis agreed with him.

     We walked to our lockers, kept our bags and walked to the first class of the year.


So this was the first chapter of Captivatin The Badboy.

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