Candy Of A Mafia Leader Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Candy Of A Mafia Leader


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James Harristian, aka James Belgenza, is the mafia leader of Daga Nero, a splinter group of the oldest famous mafia families in Naples. Despite of his powerful ruler of the town who controlled the underground weapon industry in Europe, James was also an owner of a successful high-tech motor company in the world. One day, James was deceived in a scam dinner had by his mistress. It was strived to kill him, but somehow, he escaped. Being trapped in gunshots with his enemy, a flower girl saves James' life from his shameful miserable dying. Delilah is a flower girl who runs a small flower shop in an alley in Naples, Italy. She thought innocently by helping James to get to the hospital without wondering who James Belgenza was. When James has another chance to breathe, he does not feel grateful to his savior unless to kidnaps her. Unfortunately, Delilah turns out to be a guaranty of her father's debt, which fleeced off unable to pay. Therefore, James intentionally kept Delilah in his mansion and added more debts to confine her forever. What will happen when the debt is only a plot to kill James and Delilah is a pawn? Meanwhile, James falls for Delilah, who tried hard to pay her unpaid debt. Read it to find how Delilah wants to leave James, but he traps her into love. *** "W-What do you want?" Delilah asked as she was caged in the wall by James. "I want to see the girl who saved me. Do you know who I am?" James sharply gazed up at Delilah's blue eyes. Delilah innocently shook her head to him. "From now on, call me, Mr. J." WARNING FOR 21+ SMUT SCENE (THIS STORY IS PART OF THE SEVEN WOLVES SERIES) Please bear with my English since it is not my first language, I hope you enjoy reading it. Have fun! follow me on IG: @nandastrand, FB: @NandaStrand