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I woke up in an unknown place, but it seems to be a very familiar place.

"So you woke up welcome back captain"

A very slender woman with blue eyes and black hair, spoke to me, in a few seconds I remember where I am.

"What happened, lily?"


"Get out of the plebeian front"

"you disgusting commoner"

At this moment I am in the kingdom of domplla, one of the five great kingdoms of that continent, in fact this kingdom is peculiar to have elves, and other beings with animal characteristics, are known as beasts.

I was very surprised that this kingdom is so poorly developed, all the houses are made of stone with wood, this civilization is around like the age of bronze and iron.

Walking on a large street, where there are many carts, I arrive at a square in the middle of the city and see a high place with stairs at the sides.

It reminds me in some way of the pyramid of the Maya civilization, only much bigger than the Giza pyramid.

I stop admiring the city, put on a cloak that covered my face and headed for the castle.

I walked for an hour.

I counted all the knights and archers I saw, in total there were more than 153, some above the 15-meter wall that surrounded the castle.

I waited for the night to come, went to the back of the wall where an entrance was. There were four entrances around the castle, there is the main one at the front.

Hidden with my black cloak by the side of a tree, I see five guards at the gate and seven archers on the walls, there must be at least ten hidden guides.

"I hate kings" I sighed.

I throw a leather bag on the left side of the guards.

"Did you hear that?" one of the guards asks.

"Heard? ... what?"

"Nothing not ...." the guard speaks with confidence

I wait bored for an hour and a half until ...

"HHaaaa what the shit is this !!!?" A desperate guard asks in a breathless voice.

"ha ... ha ..ha .ha ha" all the guards were laughing wildly.

I myself could not help but smile, a wolf of the Ymir breed, which is a large breed of five feet with many hairs, and also with a very strong sexual desire, was doing his thing with the guard.

After managing to escape the wolf, or in fact it was the wolf who ended his needs and left, the guard goes to a stream that is very close to the gate, his friends did not go together because they did not stop laughing.

I followed the guard to the stream, before he got into the water, I ran after him.

"hmm .... who are you !! ??" the guard screams desperate

I have my hand around him ready to break his neck.

"What is your name?" I ask in a dark tone.

"My name ... is frey! ...."

"Well, I'll give you a chance to live, scream for help as much as you can"

Frey was sweating, so he takes a deep breath. "HELP !!!!!!!!"


I break his piece as soon as he screams.


"Did you hear that? ...."

"It's Frey .... it looks like he needs help"

"Come on, knights ... I want the archers to be protecting the gate" their leader says.


They run to the stream.

"What the shit !!! .. Frey is dead .. Find out who did this" the captain ordered.

"Frey's body is naked," a man speaks timidly. "I think they may have taken his clothes"

"What does that mean!!...?" the captain speaks, staring at the man with his fierce gaze.

"Can someone try to invade the castle sir !!"

The captain's face turns pale.

"Separate and find him IMMEDIATELY !!!! .... or we will be sacrificed !!!"

The guards nodded ...


"Stop who are you !!!?" An archer shouts.

"I'm Frey ... I have an important message to give to my superiors !!"

"Really!? ... Let's wait for the captain to come back!" He shouts from the wall.

"I was sent by the captain, to say that they have a murderer inside the palace"

The man's face went white, immediately he says:

"An assassin you say .... alright!

. I need the password to let you in ... so what's the gate password !!? "The man speaks.

I breathe and say: "9/25/277"

"Okay you can pass !!"

The huge wooden gate opens, I run in to warn.

Luckily Frey was a very forgetful person and had a piece of leather with that date, it seems to be something special.

It took a whole day but I'm finally inside the walls.

On top of the red horned horse that was moving quickly along the dirt road, I observed some constructions.

After two hours heading towards the castle, I am finally at the entrance.

"It is also made of stone, only white ... is that quartz? How did they manage to break quartz?"

'Wasn't it supposed to be a very hard stone?

I stopped losing myself in thoughts and ran to the superior's office.

From what I learn they are classified as:







great holy knight

Knight god

There was only one knight god in history that is said to be able to destroy an entire kingdom, there are currently three great holy knights in that kingdom.

In the castle had several corridors and huge halls, paintings on the walls of landscapes and people, the furniture was well-made.

I find the way to the private room of the cardinal knight, he took care of the troops and to carry out the defense and attacks of the kingdom.

"Stop right there!!" a big, muscular man speaks

"You cannot enter this room!"

"I have some urgent news to give to the cardinal chief !!" I speak as if I'm desperate.

"I need to talk to him ... the head of the south gate sent me!"

The guard looks arrogantly and enters the room.

A few minutes later he comes back and lets me in.

I open the door, then I come across a very luxurious large room where there was a huge table.

'I think this is where the kingdom army meetings and plans are held'

In front of me a big man with brown eyes, well-formed muscles, would scare any bodybuilder he exhales a look of superiority.

"What happened?" he speaks calmly with an arrogant voice

I bow and start talking



The head guard of the south gate was called Carl, he is currently trying to find the suspect who murdered Frey, but unsuccessfully he decides to go back to the gate.

The archers looked at the shadow approaching from a distance, then greeted them

"Hello sir! ... I let Frey come in to

warn the superior as well as his orders "

Carl looks at the archer and turns red with anger.

"Frey is dead" he says gritting his teeth

"But he ....." before the archer finished talking, Carl drew his sword and cut off his head.

In that realm the superior can do whatever he likes with his subordinates.

Carl puts his sword away, he thinks for a while and says:

"Frey's murderer is inside the wall !!!! ... in my ten years working here, no one dared touch a soldier of the king, and no one had gone past the wall, now he is inside, his target can be the king himself "

The soldiers were listening carefully to what Carl was saying.

"If we don't find him, we will be killed !!! ... so I want divinity"

After dividing the soldiers, some were protecting the proton, and four teams of five people would try to find this killer.

'I'm going to break each of your bones and cut your head off you bastard' Carl thought


Shortly after explaining things to the cardinal, he left his office.

I walk down the Corridors towards the exit, I slowly realize that there was no one around, so I enter a room.

There were several pictures in the room.

'I think it's a warehouse'

I come down to stay here and wait.


A team of five people invade the castle and head towards the cardinal's room.

The tall, muscular man who stood guard of the room went to warn the cardinal.

'Another emergency? ... we've never had two in a row ... what's going on? ... a war?' the muscular man was lost in thought.

The five horsemen enter and bow.

Then they explain the situation.

Soon the cardinal has a cold aura, the five could not help but be afraid.

'Is that what a cardinal is like?'

'In his eyes they only have death'

The cardinal looks at a soldier who was beside him and says:

"Start the search ... he is disguised as a guard ... take everyone you suspect to the dungeon"

The guard nodded and left the room with the other five.

The cardinal thought:

'Why did he come to warn me about himself?'

Everyone inside the palace started the search.


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