t's been a while readers. I regret to inform you that from henceforth, I'll be dropping this novel.... Psych!

Lol, just kidding. I actually intend on rewriting it. A lot of things went wrong along the way, including my inconsistency and your non participation, I don't blame you guys btw... Just saying.

I plan on rewriting this novel and joining the Spirity awards, wherever it takes me... Is undecided, but nonetheless, I have made up my mind. I'll be deleting the chapters very soon, so I can begin writing on Spirity. If you truly liked my Novel, and you want to see it through, then you should watch out for it. That's all. Thanks for reading IN VERSION, and if you want more, It'll still be available, just hit the search on Webnovel to see it and add it.

The novel is still on Webnovel, It's still IN VERSION, just with an Abbreviation included. I look forward to seeing u guys!

Bye everyone.