1 The Body

Roderick: It was a Saturday night...

I was with my friends, at the finalists' party. That day... Was... Unforgettable...

When my classmates saw me there, were shocked, well, some of them...

I know that, 'cause... my soul was watching everything around.

A friend of mine called Vanessa was one of the only ones that could understand the situation. She was... well, kind of mad for what happened. She was looking at my body with a neutral face.

She was thinking of why that happened, and who did it. Well, don't ask me either, because I didn't saw anyone when I died… Sometimes I don't even know why exist these kinds of people, you know? The murderers. I want to know who did this to me!

Vanessa: *gasp* Oh no…

Barney: What?

Vanessa: We've got to find a way to hide him!

Michael: Is it still a good time?

Vanessa: Of course it is! Come on, help me here. Let's put him in the background of the school for now.

That was good action from her side, but one day, someone would find me here and call the police. But I want to find who killed me for myself! I've got to find a way to keep them away!

Barney: Are you sure that you don't call the police?

Vanessa: What will they do? He's already dead!

Barney: I was talking about discovering who killed him…

Vanessa: Oh… But… They'll not close the school?

Annais: What happened here? Oh! Oh my GOD!

Eleanor: Vanessa, what happened?

Fernanda: But… How? How the hell this happened?

Barney: We went here when he already died!

Vanessa: The most surprising thing here is there are no digital impressions here. Or even footprints…

Eleanor: Did you turned into a detective or something?

Vanessa: No, I just see a lot of Fox Crime… Michael, what are you doing?

Michael: Taking photos for my crime board…

Vanessa: Oh! That can be useful!

Michael: I just don't know how the person, who killed him, came without the staff noticing him or her…

Vanessa: Well that's a mystery to solve later…

Michael: But it looks like that the thing that killed him, was that sharp cut he has on his back! See?

Vanessa: Now seriously! How do you know all of this?

Michael: See a lot of Criminal Investigation: New York! I saw all 9 seasons! Trust me… I know! I'm not just drawing, gaming, etc, etc… I'm an investigator!

Vanessa: Should we do something with him?

Michael: I don't know… Uou! Am I illuminating?

Vanessa: What?

Michael: Is he….? Is he healing himself?

Vanessa: Wow!

Michael: Oh wow, indeed… God! The police are here! YOU! Bring the body! I can't let these things get erase!

Vanessa: Okay then… Gotta hurry!

Police#1: What happened, kid? Friends of yours call us and told us that a boy died here!

Michael: Well… It's true.

Police#1: Can you tell us where is he?

Michael: … Follow me.

Oh God damn it, Miguel! What's your problem?

Vanessa: Michael!

Michael: Vanessa! So… Where's Roderick's body?

Vanessa: Oh! Huh…

Michael: Don't tell me…

Vanessa: No I can explain, the body isn't in the same place.

Michael: Huh, I know, but…

Vanessa: What I mean is… The body moved by himself.

Michael: Excuse me… WHAT?!


Michael: Huh… How? How did this happen?

Vanessa: Don't have any idea…

Michael: Well, pals, looks like that I don't have any other choice. I took some photos of the body, so… I hope that works for you…

Police#2: Thank you, kid. Well, time to investigate this in our lab.

Michael: *sigh*

Vanessa: Don't worry, Michael.

Michael: Oh, no worries.

Vanessa: But… You said that you didn't want them being erased…

Michael: Ta-da!

Vanessa: Wait… How did you...?

Michael: Magic! Now seriously, where is Roderick's body?

Vanessa: I swear, I don't know!

Michael: *sigh* Okay, then…

Roderick: Then what, Miguel?

Michael: Roderick?

Roderick: That's me, dude.

Vanessa: Oh, you're alive…

Roderick: Of course I am. But for some reason, I… I feel different...

Michael: Oh that's not a problem! It's completely normal!

Roderick: Oh really? And is this normal?

Vanessa: Oh!

Michael: You still with that cut! Maybe that will generate itself, somehow…

Roderick: You really think that's goin' to happen?

Michael: I think…?

Roderick: Oh… Why are you here, huh?

Vanessa: Well…

Michael: She was helping, that's all.

Vanessa: But…

Michael: Shh! But anyway… How do you feel?

Roderick: I'm feeling… Alive, a little bit, uncomfortable with her, and… kinda happy to be alive!

Michael: Okay. It's almost 11 o'clock. I've got to go…

Vanessa: No worries.

Roderick: Bye, Miguel!

Michael: Goodbye!

Roderick: Well… Maybe… I should keep going as well…

Vanessa: Yeah, yeah… Me too!

Roderick: Bye!

Vanessa: Bye! Ugh! Take him off my head! Damn it! Why my life is like this? TAKE HIM OFF! Ugh! Why?


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