CANCELLED - [+13]The Cursed Class Book

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CANCELLED - [+13]The Cursed Class


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[This is a project I left behind, and don't wanna come back to it, but feel free to read it if you want] It seems like an impossible mission to save the world, especially with a group of 28 kids with 14 years old... The world is about to be dominated by the Dark and his demons, and only they, the chosen ones, are able to stop them. And their lives are about to change, A LOT! (The story is based in real facts, and based in Undertale, its AUs and in ATLA/TLOK!!) I REALLY aprecciate if you could show this story to your friends and family, I'll try to make sure that you'll love this story!!! Note: This will probably contain some bad words, but they'll rarely appear, ok? So don't worry about that!!)


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