Can you love me again? Book

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Can you love me again?


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Two idols with different personalities come across eachother. Kim Lucy whose perfect life was turned upside down cause of Jeon jungkook aka the most popular male idol. Fate brings them together after both of them are casted in the same drama. Since then Lucy has been living in hell. He's rude and annoying and also love someone else. Though being surrounded by the devil, she still accepted the offer cause her childhood crush Lee youngmin encouraged her to do so. Forced to act as couple infront of the world by their managers cause of the rumour "Kim Lucy and Jeon jungkook doesn't get along", Will they ever develop feelings for eachother or keep on hating eachother? Kim lucy-. "After all you made me go through, after all these years, you want me to forgive you?" Jeon jungkook-. "I know you still have feelings for me" Kim lucy-. " And that's the biggest mistake of my life" She said those words and left him wrecked.


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