2 Chap. 2 Boring Day


Jian: U guys have plan?

Mark: Wdym?

Jian: Plan bruh like swimming.

Ron: What's the matter today huh?

Jian: Wdym Ron?

Ron: You only like playing games then now what happened

Jian: Ugh nothing I'm just craving for it

Mark: Well my mom made me bought 3 laptops to play

Jian: U really r rich my man


Ron: OK Guys stop playing now it's 12 we need to eat lunch

Jian: Nah go eat

Mark: Can I come?

Jian: Come on man I'm almost getting astra come on


Mark: U really change 1st u said u want to travel now ur changed.

Jian: Whatever

Ron: Let's just go

Mark: Ok


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Mia: Girls Isn't that Ron?

Rian: OMG u need to say hi to him

Mia: OK *comes to ron*

Mia: h-hi Ron :)

Ron: Hi

Mia: Wanna Eat lunch with me?

Ron: umm I'm going to eat lunch with Mark so ah next time

Mia: Ok

Mia: *goes to the girls*

Rian: What he said??

Mia: He said no because of Mark ugh

Rian: Should we do something?