1 Chap. 1 Roommates

Teacher: Ok Class! Today we are having a roommate thingy because after 3 days we will be field tripping

Ron: Isn't it that is kinda weird?

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Lilia: Yeah mam isn't that weird?

"Well Hotel for 3 days then field trip? thats a big no for me"

Teacher: Well stop now.. Well be picking ur roommates ok

"20 Minutes"

Teacher: Clear?


All of the class say clear..

When they are all in the room with there roommates and unpacked there things

Ron: Why u bought a little things Mark?

Mark: Oh I have more here

Ron: Ok?

After Unpacking they decided to order some noodles after they play but suddenly Mark Got asleep

Ron: Mark wake up the food is here


Mark: ok

After they eat they're noodles they play and changed to pajamas then sleep

-Next Day-

Ron Is the one awake so early and when he checked the time it's 5A.M. So he played some games for a while and wait to be 8:00AM so they well eat at the right time


Ron wakes up everyone to eat breakfast

Jian: Do you have the breakfast?

Ron: Ofc not.

Jian: Then why u wake us up if u don't have the breakfast?

Ron: Because u eat something like waffle at morning but I only eat salads at the morning

Jian: So?

Ron: Where not brother and we don't have the same taste to breakfast u prick

Jian: Whatever

Next chapter