1 Am I In Love?

I have been in stress lately and I feel like I can not move on, my heart has stopped and I want it to beat again I feel like I am a walking dead because I don't feel anything. I am an actor who does AV movies even though I do movies but I don't feel the pleasure until I met him. Ken, he is my new coworker he is young, elegant, beautiful his skin is as white as snow his smiles put chills all over my body. I have been observing him lately and someone will say stalking. I have never talked to him and I don't even think he knows me. Oh hey, I forgot to introduce myself I am Alexander Smith but people call me Alex, and lately, I think my heart is beating for someone( a guy) I never knew that I was into men until I met him. I went to a bar last night because I knew my crush will be there. When I was sitting there all alone and stalking my crush, he came to me. OMG, he is walking towards me badum, badum, badum that is how my heartbeat If I see him and now he is getting close. Everyone at work says I am cold and they all say I don't have a heart but now I think I am feeling something rushing through my veins.

KEN: Hey you Alex right.

Alex: Mmmmm hey, I yeah and you are?

KEN: Am ken.

Even though I knew who he was I pretended that I do not know him. He smiled at me and I got the chills, damn I said what is the matter he asked.

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