Can an Evil Lady Change...? Book

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Can an Evil Lady Change...?


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Sarah James was an average college student before she died in an accident when she was on her way to find a job. To her surprise, the next she opened her eyes, she was confronted with the truth that life had something against her. She was reincarnated into the Novel ‘True Love’ where the villainess Rubia Mary Albert Charleston was fated to die by the guillotine. Just when she thought things couldn’t get any worse, she learns that the body she was reincarnated in was the body of the Villainous Lady herself...! Sarah’s goal in her second life is to not shame the Charleston household whom she holds dear. She also has an ambition to humiliate the nobles that not only disrespected but also looked down upon Rubia. The question to be asked is... “Will the end of the story remain the same despite the efforts put in by Sarah...? Will the villainous Lady Rubia Mary Albert Charleston die once again...?”


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