Jiang Yao held the umbrella for Lu Xingzhi so that he could hug her tightly. Lu Xingzhi did not see Moe, so he asked, "Where is Moe?"

"He left me." Jiang Yao grinned. She had abducted Moe to the Lin family's house. While she and Colonel Lin's family were eating durian blissfully, Moe had run to Colonel Lin's balcony. It was as if he was fleeing for his life.

"Did you torture him?" Lu Xingzhi's voice was somewhat amused.

Jiang Yao pursed her lips but remained silent. If Moe were there, that small traitor would undoubtedly inform Lu Xingzhi about it.

When Jiang Yao got home, she noticed the cactus pot on the bed had been moved to the dining table. Lu Xingzhi must have removed it and placed it there.

She told Lu Xingzhi to eat as she prepared a bowl of soup and fiddled with the potted plant.

The cactus was slightly bent where she had pressed a pillow and a quilt onto it.


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