1220 She Told Me To Buy It

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"I'm not angry," Jiang Yao explained again. "I'm really not angry. You can go ahead with your mission. When you're free after your mission, come to Nanjiang City to see me. If you're not free, then I'll come to the army to see you on the weekend."

To make Lu Xingzhi believe that she was not angry, she continued to say, "Your new workplace is so close to Nanjiang City. In the future, we can meet every weekend, so we don't need this extra night."

Jiang Yao felt delighted after she said that. 'Hmm, let's get you annoyed!'

The more he missed her, the more surprised he would be when he saw her the day after tomorrow!

Jiang Yao really wanted to set the clock forward so that she could see how Lu Xingzhi would look when he saw her as his new partner.

"That's no good." Lu Xingzhi's face turned sour. "Leave the day after tomorrow morning."


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