1207 He Was Very Satisfied

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"Is it over?" Lu Xingzhi took a dry towel to wipe his sweat after returning to the office. Then, he put on his clothes and looked at Colonel Lin. "That's pretty fast."

"It is pretty fast. The woman is very smart." Colonel Lin smirked. "Lu Xingzhi, congratulations. Your new partner will definitely satisfy you a hundred times over."

Lu Xingzhi looked at the report in Colonel Lin's hand. Without waiting for Colonel Lin to give it to him, he grabbed it and lowered his head to look at it.

Colonel Lin did not get a reply from Lu Xingzhi. He did not give up and continued to say, "Do you want to hear my comments about your new partner?"

"Speak." Lu Xingzhi only said one word to Colonel Lin; his eyes were still on the report. It was as if listening to Colonel Lin was just a passing thing.

Did Lu Xingzhi want to hear it?


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