93 Chapter 53 (A)

Four days had been gone by since we got exposed to the teacher faculty of the school and not a day went by when I wasn’t held back by a teacher to be blessed with a lecture of how I shouldn’t stay quiet. I was full to the brim and I had decided that one more teacher and I would go straight to Mr Dunkin and will punch him in the face for telling them about what happened between Ryan and I.

Ryan, well, I hadn’t talked to him in these days and he didn’t bother me as well. We both knew there was nothing wrong with our relationship and nothing would happen if we don’t talk for few days. We just needed some days to recollect ourselves for each other. He needed to sort out his mind and I needed to sort out mine.

Mum’s anger was now settled down and she was cool about me seeing Ryan. She even called Ryan to say ‘thank you’ to him for having my back. She even apologized to him for whatever she said to him or behind his back to me.

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