21 Chapter 17 (B)

"I'm back!" I announced as soon as I entered the house, bag on my shoulder and ice cream in one hand, melting and dripping down and my other hand trying to stop it from falling on the cleaned floor of my house.

Well, on my way home, Ryan decided to have some ice-cream. He really acted like a kid sometimes and it made question if he really was 24 but every adult has a kid, hiding inside him. Maybe, that was the case with him.

I didn’t hear any response so, I decided to finish the melting ice-cream before checking for anyone. I dropped my bag on the floor, made my way to the kitchen after eating the ice-cream. I washed my sticky hands before running upstairs to greet mum.

"I'm back, mummy." I beamed opening the door, after knocking.

"Aww... My baby is not virgin anymore. I don't know when you grew up so fast." She said, dramatically sighing to add more impact. Of course, only my mother would say anything like that because she is just super cool.

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