16 Styller's (1)

"She is the one who kicked you?" Ethan asked ignoring Zach, before Tang could reply, he asked again "what did you do to her?"

"Bro you know some cheeky cheeky...."

Before he can finish Ethan warned coldly,

"Stay away from her "

"Huh? why? she is so hot"

"She is not someone you can play with" He didn't like the idea of someone else touching her.

Zach more or less understood what was going on

"How's Eli?" Ethan asked, turning to Zach

"She's​ alright. She will come to see you before leaving" Zach replied

okay it's the understood part here, Elijah liked Ethan since childhood and this was no secret. But too bad Ethan only treat her like his sister.

Ethan nodded his head absentmindedly, he was still thinking about his little kitty.


In the cafeteria,

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Joseph and Samantha were eating together

"Boss ...for how long are you going to work as a nurse?" Joseph asked worriedly

"Two weeks more at most" Sam replied taking a sip of her blue berry shake.

Just then her phone rang,

"I'm waiting outside, dad wants us to have lunch together" Came a low male voice from the other side.

"...okay , I'll be there in a bit" Samantha replied calmly. She glanced at Joseph, and said

"Joseph, i need to go. I'll be back in the evening, take care of the mess created by Cannon ba*tard for me or ask Cannon to handle that VIP patient himself"



She left the cafeteria and walked towards the parking lot, soon she found a familiar black sedan not too far away.

She opened the passenger door and settled in.

"James" She greeted with a poker face

James Styller is the young and handsome CEO of Styller's corp.

The man smiled at her , his dark brown eyes carried a gentle warmth in them.

"How's work?" James asked, looking lovingly at her.

"It's fine" Sam replied playing with her phone.

"You must tell me if someone troubles you" He insisted.

Nothing can be hidden from James , specially if it's about her.

"Sure" she replied, still busy with her phone.

Soon they reached the family mansion of Styller's.

A massive greek styled villa, it was more like a castle actually. Beautiful!!

Very beautiful!!!

She walked in the front and raised her head to look at the house once more, she felt a very familiar warmth surge through her heart .She smiled , her eyes forming crescents.

A maid in her fifties came running towards her " Welcome back Missy"

Sam collected herself and smiled at the maid , walking inside the villa.

Just as she walked into the living room a middle aged lady grabbed her tightly into a hug "My little baby, mommy missed you so much"

Sam: "....."

God !!! she can't breathe.

"Uh...how are you doing" Sam spoke , prying herself from the tight hug.

Jasmine Styller finally released her , patting lightly on her cheeks she replied" I'm doing just fine"

"Let's eat first and we'll talk later, you must be hungry" Robert Styller spoke walking towards the dining area.

She was not, she just ate in the cafeteria.

But she nodded anyway and followed them in.

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