14 I've seen her before (5)

"How you doing, man" Zach asked just as he entered the ward.

Ethan eyed the man who was sprawling lazily on the couch looking like an​ injured cat.

"Heh a "little kitty" just reciprocated to his Casanova ways" Zach chuckled. That girl was just...so brave. This was the first time a girl dared to refute young master Tang.

Ethan looked at his dazed friend and threw his hand phone on his face "Wipe that stupid grin"

"Ethan man!! you missed a great show" Zach shakes his head , he was once again mesmerised by her charming smile.

"Had enough of my misfortune? ow....my leg hurts. I'm telling you it's broken" Tang cried fake tears.

"Shut up. We just got you checked it's nothing. Be a man" Zach scoffed at his childish friend.

"Hows your head Ethan?"

Finally someone showed concern to the 'real patient'.

"Have you heard?" Ethan obviously didn't want to talk about his head or the treatment or that "little nurse" who suddenly became the mother of two children out of nowhere.

Ouch!!! Heartbreak.

"Yeah, he is just taking advantage. That bastard.... " Zach cursed,

Ethan sneered "let it be"

As they were chatting, Zach's phone rang , it was his mother.He was informed that his baby sister was involved in an accident.

"Eli is here , I'll go check on her" Elijah is the only little sister of Zach and he loved her dearly.

"What happened?" Ethan asked

"Scraped her knees while skating" he shakes his head. His little sister truly don't know how to bear with pain.

He looked at Tang who was sleeping peacefully on the couch, shaking his head he left the ward to see his sister.


When Sam returned to the ward, she found Ethan near the floor to ceiling window. Standing!!

She frowned, "Mr Go, are we ready?"

He nodded and walked towards her slowly, his body was swaying a little. .

Samantha rushed to grab him ,preventing him from falling "Why are you strolling around, you should...."

His body was emitting heat , his ocean blue eyes looked dim and his face was flushed.

'He is having a fever'

'God!! please don't faint, I can't carry you '

She somehow helped him to his bed and covered his body with quilt.

Then she quickly measured his body temperature... which was way too high.

Samantha grabbed a wet towel to wipe his body. She first wiped his face then she unbuttoned his shirt to wipe his upper body. She moves down to wipe his feet.Then she placed ice bag under his nape.

'Hasshh!!!! His fever will probably come down now'

Ethan was feeling dizzy, he felt her removing his shirt and wiping his body. He liked the touch of her hands on him. He just don't want her hands to stop.

He even get a hard-on in his half consious state with the mere touch of her hands. Soft hands!!!

Samantha was shocked to see that.

Ah! Ah! Ah! PERVERT!!!

'This damn bastard'

But she acted quite professional and covered his dignity with the quilt.

She walked towards the couch to sit, it was only then that she spotted a wild cat lazily sprawled on the couch.

She scoffed ' So these two perverts are friends. Truly a match made in heaven hmmph'


He was in pain , so much pain but her mere touch had made all pain disappear.

She was caressing his cheeks lovingly ruffling his hair.

He liked her touch , he never want her to stop.

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She smiled but there were tears in her eyes.

Her eyes!!!

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