13 I've seen her before (4)

"You like provoking men ha!! Little kitty Come here I won't bite you" damn she look so hot when she is angry. He walked closer to her with a cheeky grin and grabbed her arm.

Zach glared at him

He just can't get away of his Casanova ways.

"Tang stop " fooling around'

His words were stopped by a loud shriek.


Samantha had kicked him on his calf so fast that he didn't get the time to dodge.

"Little kitty ha" Sam chuckled "You should play that role. I'm the tigress here" The look in her eyes were so intimidating.

"You...y-you ..." He was wincing in pain. This girl....just how much energy she had used in one kick. And now she is even humiliating him.

Tang gritted his teeth "J-just you wait"

"Show some gratitude, I didn't kicked your balls. Your descendents will bow down to me " She said smugly.

She turned to Zach and smiled so beautifully that he feels his breath taken away "Thankyou for the ride. I'll appreciate if you get my car fixed soon" with that said she turned away leaving them in a daze.

Tang and Zach " Wooooooooooow"

Me : "..." No boys, A certain someone will die in jealousy

"My leg hurts oww" Tang whined like a child. All his anger is flown away just with a smile of her.

"One should stop when there is still time." Zach scowls at his stupid friend.

Just why I'm friends with him. Hmmph


"Boss" Hugo greeted politely

"Speak" Ethan has been impatient since the morning, he has instructed Hugo last night to find everything about that little nurse "Celina". He wants to know every little thing about her.

Those eyes!!!

He can never forget them.

He wants to know if his instincts are true. Even if he finds a little similarity between them.....

"Boss she is local resident of New York, she had also completed her studies here from Mary and Claren university and now.." he swallowed nervously " She is married to Darren Forte who works in Starbucks with two children..."a son and a daughter'

"What did you say?" he couldn't believe his own ears.

She is married!!!

With two children!!!

Nooo F-UCK!!

Hugo swallowed hard, he could feel his boss rage "She is married..."

"I HEARD" Ethan shouted "Get lost"

Hugo ran out of the room in a lightening speed.


Samantha came inside the ward panting, she had ran all the way from the nurse's station to his 'VIP WARD'.

Ethan was working on his laptop, he didn't raise his head to look at her.

Ethan was extremely obedient today he didn't cause any trouble as he did whatever she asked.

When Sam grabbed his arm for the IV , he felt a sudden jolt of electricity, pulling his hand away as a reflex.

Sam was shocked from his actions, do I have prickles on my hands. What's with his reaction?

Now now did he wants to cause trouble now?

Ethan realised his actions. This is embarrassing. God!!

He placed his arm back on her hands and watched as she injected the IV.

He feel no pain.

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He was dazed.

She is so beautiful that he can stare at her forever.

Why do he feels like he had seen her before?

From the moment she entered the ward , he hadn't looked at her Niether did he spoke a word.

Sam couldn't fathom his intentions.

Is he ignoring me?

Throwing a tantrum? Because I'm late? Her mouth twitched a little.

Like I would care, ha.

She did her stuff calmly and left the ward as Ethan was scheduled for a series of tests today ,she had to do some preparations.

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