10 I've seen her before (1)

"Good evening Mr Go" Director Tan greeted with his best smile

His bad, Mr Go who was playing on his gaming console didn't respond to his polite greeting.

Though Director Tan felt a bit awkward, he still stood there putting up his best smile.

What else he can do facing the most influential man of the country

"South side lacks fund?" said Ethan finally satisfied with his gaming skills.

Director Tan:"..."

"Erm... that Mr Go ahem we sincerely apologize for..."

"Save that" Ethan interrupted impatiently "I want that little nurse who came first to check on me today" noting the certain Director's uncertain expression he added "Off course to take care of the patient"

He had a smug look on his face hinting the obvious.

Damn theses perverted riches !!!

Whatever if it saves me from the tragedy

"Whatever Mr Go wishes" he replied grinning ear to ear.He looked at his assistant behind him.

"Boss Celina forte was assigned to this ward" Clara reported in a whisper.

Huh!!! Celina Forte ? Isn't she the mother of two.How perverted this man's thoughts are? or

Did I misunderstood this god like man??

Forget it!

"He he Mr Go you really have eyes for talent. Celina forte is one of the best nurse here with an experience of twelve years"

'Experience of twelve years? How old is she?

Celina ? it sounds pretty good !

Ethan nodded understandingly.

"Alright leave. Don't disturb my rest" Ethan has started another round of gaming.

Director Tan eyed the unpredictable CEO in front of him ' So rude...' before leaving the ward.

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_ _ _

"Clara go quickly find out the girl who managed to appease this tyrannic man" Director Tan instructed his assistant.

"Right away boss"

After about five minutes Clara is back with her investigation, panting.

Director Tan glared at her furiously, only god knows he had never ever waited for even his lover this impatiently.

"It took you this long to find a mere nurse your efficiency is really sigh ...." he trailed off showing his disappointment.


'For god shake I took only five minutes'

Forget it! Forget it!!

"Boss there's a little mistake uh... actually sister Celina took a half day off today due to some emergency, so Doctor Samantha from neurology department took her place."

"What is the meaning of this? A neurosurgeon took place of a nurse? is South Side lacking nurses. Are you kidding me?"

Director Tan is furious. Clara shuddered but she has to reply anyway

"Uh boss these are the evidence I've collected, which led us to this situation--- Sister Celina is most experienced in handling difficult patients that's why the head nurse had assigned her to ward 002. But unfortunately she was unable to reach the crime scene and none of the other nurses wanted to take her place that's why she asked Dr Samantha to replace her, which she agreed because we know how kind she is." she said in a go without taking a breath.

crime scene?? Hows the ward of that unpredictable CEO become the crime scene.

Director Tan was staring at his niece incredously. His niece had studied law but was forced to work in south side by him. Whenever she is nervous or angry she would get back in her lawyer form.

"Boss? what should we do now" Clara spoke sensing the tension around her uncle Tan." We can't ask Dr Samantha to be the permanent nurse right?"

"What options do we even have? we can't afford to offend Ethan Go" His forehead creases slightly.

"But how is it offending we can make it clear that she is Doctor not a nurse ...."

"He had make it clear already, he asked for her do you understand? Even if she is the director of this hospital he won't care .Ask Cannon to see me.Right now "

"Okay boss " knowing the urgency she left in a hurry.

Director Tan feels exhausted.

Cannon Tan is his good-for-nothing son who has done only one rewarding thing in his entire life making friends with Samantha. She is one hell of a stubborn, she won't give in to his request easily he knew that.Thats why he had called Cannon over.

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