Can't Escape Fate! A My Hero Academia Fanfiction Book

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Can't Escape Fate! A My Hero Academia Fanfiction


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A My Hero Academia Fanfiction plus a few unknown characters. Age difference between characters. Also college theme again. Characters Dabi, Overhaul, Shigaraki, Toga, Chrono, Midoriya, Lady Nagant, All might, and a few more. It's mostly a love story from Dabi and Overhaul. But the age between the two is different. The story is a mix of horror and love. There's quirks. And also demons and flashbacks from the past. credit to Kohei Horikoshi since it's his characters after all When Dabi was fourteen years old he used to work at a group called Deadliest Slaughter a group that only likes killing nothing else this group clashed against other group as well and takes what it wants from that certain group along the way. Along the way he meets a ten year old name Kai Chisaki who was captured by the group and has been treated as a sex slave but those two escape and set out to live together hoping that the group doesn't come looking for them but it only lasted a few years later and now the group is looking for the two run aways.