1 ~characters~

-main protagonists

paige-the chaotic cit

paul-the lovable one

octavia- the comic relief

grey-the love interest

athena-the dreamer

amelia-the beachy surfer

matthew-the pretty boy

-main antagonists

alyson-the stuck up gossip

calliope-the reserved mean girl

amara-the quiet mean girl

ian-the psysco

oliver -the rebel

-side protagonists

selene-the book nerd

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arson-the smartass artist

charlotte-the smart one

lilly -the skater

marie-the model

Anastasia-the sporty girl

bailee- the mom friend

parker-the theatre kid

-side antagonists

kehlani- the cold hearted one

jezebeth-the bad girl

jose -the the tagalong

ben-the f boy

aliyah-the cheerleader

more characters to come....

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