1 Ch. One: Second Chance

A speck of light shines through a crack window. There are blood spattered on the ground, dead bodies everywhere and a small figure emerges from the pile of dead bodies surrounded by men. She moves with agility and swiftness as she fights back. It's as if she did not care about her life or the life that she's taking.

She had a knife the shape of a snake. It's golden light shined through as she kills the men. It's been so long since she felt this kind of excitement and she couldn't get enough of it. In her previous life they called her the Dark Prince.

Because of her stupid mistakes in trusting the wrong people she was condemned and tortured to death. In this second chance, she vowed not to make the same mistakes. Even though she had caring family she trusted that person over their words and got them all killed.

She was filled with so much guilt that she didn't show mercy as she swiftly kills the men.

"Maybe if I didn't trust the wrong person, I wouldn't have to go through losing the warmth of my family and be tortured to death," she thought.

She was too overcome with killing intent that she didn't notice a figure moving through rooms. The figure stared at her with amusement. He wondered what happened to her for a delicate looking girl to be filled with maliciousness.

With blood on her smooth and pale face she looked like a devil coming back. She just wanted to go home and feel the warmth of family.

As she soon finished with the last assassin, she dropped down on the floor with a sigh. She needed to investigate who sent them and what they want. She will make definite decision once she goes back home.

But how was she supposed to go home with no car or a phone to call. With this thought she walked out of the building and walked towards the dark forest.