Came Along 
Third Generation Book

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Came Along Third Generation


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'I'm fine.' Is the most common lie in human history. She has to be fine,for her mother. She decided to be fine and made herself smile despite of being miserable. And then one day a man came along.The man who captured her heart and made her life worthy. Will she make the man stay with her or she will just consider him as a passing fancy so she can let him go immediately before he can hurt her? Does she need to be thankful that he came along and guided her to make a responsible decisions in life, or maybe not? She's afraid of what might happen after the man's errands.Sa panahon ngayon lahat ay may kapalit kaya nasisigurado niyang may pakay sa kanya ang lalaki. But she didn't mind, instead she let the man change her life and make her feel that the womans life is not worthless after all.


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