1 born cursed

the storm just hit the forest, winds pounding against the trees. But through the Roaring Thunder Everest, the pack leader was having her children in her Den. that fateful night she bore four pups before dyeing from heart complications. the three pups were named Mako ,echo, Kane, and Erza. Mako Erza's twin brother sadly passed away because of being severely under wait. echo is a skinny gray and black wolf with blue stripes along his sides. Kane is a big gray and brown wolf with red tiger stripes all over his body. Erza is an extremely little all wight wolf that is blind and these a lame paw causing her to have a permanent limp. these three helpless puppies were nursed and taken care of by female wolves in the pack. little did the pack know these three pups were blessed by the gods and were going to face unthinkable challenges.

chapter 1

" You stupid pup, how could you, you are a disgrace to wolf kind" "I-i-im sorry i... it was an accident please forgive me head Mrs" " no scraps for you you ingrate, you are a stupid know- nothing mutt" Echo whimpers at park's remarks. " you ought to be put down" oak Stomps out of the den angrily. Erza and Kane rush over to Echo to comfort him. " Echo don't take enemy thing she says personally, she is just an angry old flea bag" " yeah and she only pics on you because your smarter than her" "yeah Echo she problebly doesn't even know the difference from a Chokeberry and a Redcurrant" Echo grinned at Erza's reply. one day echo thought one day I will leave this place and we will find a new pack. one day.

chapter 2

"please may I have some more scraps I'm still hungry head Mrs " " you fat pig, I will give you a tiny bit more but only because you asked nicely, also because that ingrate is not eating tonight" "thank you head Mrs". Erza mumbles some thing and oak snapped "YOU RUNT I TOLD EVERY ONE TO SPEAK UP OR WHAT YOU ARE DEAF NOW TOO YOU ARE SUCH A DEFECT SPEAK UP" " I SAID YOU ONLY TREAT US BADLY BECAUSE YOU WERE JEALOUS OF OUR MOM AND BECAUSE WE AREN'T NORMAL BUT SOME DAY WHEN WE ESCAPE AND FIND A NEW PACK THAT TREATS US NORMALLY I WILL SEND A HUNTER TO KILL YOU". Erza was terrified at what she had just done and as quickly as she could regret what she said oak bit Erza and flung her making Erza hit a wall. a pool of blood started to around Erza and her silky white fur was dyed red with blood.

chapter 3 coming soon