2 Chapter 2

The beautiful sounds of chirping birds awoke Lin Feng. He stepped out of his abode and inhaled a mouthful of the cold morning air. The earthy smell immediately energized his sturdy young body. Remembering he was to start cultivation, his already happy mood was even more cheerful. He started walking hurriedly towards the main hall where his father was supposed to be. He had just started walking when he scolded himself inwardly because he had forgotten his cultivator posture. He quickly put his hands behind his back and unhurriedly used his tiger steps toward the main hall.

On his way, he met with others who were about the same age as him. Lin Feng guessed they were on the same boat. The other kids saw him and hurriedly moved away from him as they remembered their parents' stern order to stay away from him. Lin Feng disinclined to pay attention to these people as he was already used to such behavior.

He arrived at the main hall. It was huge and castle-like with the word LIN written on the front part. Lin Feng had vague memories of this house as it had been four years since he moved from this house to his courtyard.

While Lin Feng was still reminiscing about his past, a guard in charge of the front entrance spotted him.

"Strange..... which kid has such an imposing manner?"

The guard muttered to himself. You have to know he has been a guard of the Lin Family for many years, so he naturally knew all the young masters of the Lin family. He was just about to stop him and inquire about his details when he suddenly remembered something.

A panicked expression could be seen on his face. He calmed himself and quickly approached the boy he remembered as the patriarch's son.

He quickly cupped his fist and bowed.

"Young master, the patriarch instructed to lead you to him when you arrive."

Lin Feng's thoughts were interrupted. He looked up and saw a middle-aged man talking to him. Hearing his words, he only nodded and cupped his fists to pay respect.

Seeing the boy nod, the guard did not dare to delay and quickly led him inside the hall. They arrived at the inner room, which was allocated for the patriarch. The guard quickly kneeled in front of the door and announced in a voice that was not loud yet was enough for the people inside to hear.

" Patriarch the little one has brought the young master as instructed."

There was a brief silence before a cold, indifferent voice was heard.

"let him come in and go back to your post." The guard quickly got up, bowed towards the door before going back hurriedly.

Lin Feng was silent throughout the entire process. He walked in front of the door, which opened on its own. He was excited as he knew this must be his father's method. This made him even more enthusiastic about starting cultivation and doing such things himself.

Lin Feng walked into the room, paid his respects to the individuals in the room, and remained silent. Experience had taught him that his father wasn't someone who liked casual talks. The room remained silent to the point it became awkward.

"hmmm.... hmmm." With a light cough, his grandfather broke the silence.

"Fenger', let grandpa check your body," the old man called lovingly to Lin Feng. If anyone were to see this situation, they would immediately conclude the man loved his grandson and must dote on him. Unfortunately, everyone present in that room knew this was nothing more than a performance.

Lin Feng's opinion of his grandfather was the same as his father's. It was even more than his father's, he didn't know if it was his imagination, but the look they always gave him was the same look he always gave the chicken before slaughtering them. While thinking this, he walked towards his grandfather.

Lin Yi, his grandfather, seeing his grandson approach him, wasted no time and quickly circulated his qi and checked which spiritual root he had awakened.

"He took from his father and mother," his grandfather said to no one in particular.

"Old man Lin explain it for everyone to understand." Lin Feng's mother, who had been silent, couldn't help but speak her thoughts.

"He has both your fire and his father's water spiritual root," the old man explained unhurriedly.

"Good boy, good boy."

At this moment, Lin Feng's father couldn't help but speak. Originally he was only supposed to kill his son and absorb his cultivation which would help him advance to the void transformation realm using his Heartless Sutra exercise, but now everything changes, he is going to absorb his cultivation and talent, thinking of this he was so thrilled that he couldn't help but stand up and pat this son of his shoulders.

Old man Lin seeing his son's joyful expression, sneered inside.

"The mantis stalks the cicada unaware of the oriole behind."

With his experienced vision that has been refined for thousands of years, how could he not understand what Lin Yao was thinking, what he had never told him was that Lin Yao and his son were birds of the same feather, it's just that Lin Yao was an idiot if he could take a moment and recall his life experience he would be suspicious, but he was a strong believer of might makes right, so he believed he was the one in charge if he knew his father's cultivation base was already at early void transformation his reaction would be unpredictable.

On the other hand, Zhao Lin thought to herself that all these were to be expected since it was his son.

She unsurprisingly believed these were all due to her superior genes, which only she knew about since it was her that made it up.

How could she, who was the protagonist of the world, give birth to an inferior being? She was thinking of all these without remembering she, herself, had only one spiritual root with a cultivation base at the early True element despite being over eight hundred years old.

Lin Feng was surprised and also curious. Did he awaken something important? According to him, his father was always indifferent towards everything, so for his father to pat his back, he knew it must be something important that made him proud.

Was his father going to pay attention to him now? Although he had already grown not to depend and need them, he was still a child after all, and to a child, nothing was more satisfying than their parents' approval.

He looked at his mother and saw she had an ecstatic expression. Looking at his grandfather and father, they both had a look that he didn't like. Well, things don't change according to one's wishes. Life doesn't work that way. Putting his thoughts in the back of his mind, he awaited his father's next instructions.

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