1 Chapter 1 - Pig teammate!

It was already close to midnight but Li Shenyang was still up in front of his computer. One would think that since he's a college student, he was up so late because he's finishing his assignment. But that wasn't what Li Shenyang was up to. Instead, he was actually playing a game.

The game he's playing is a classic game called [King's Arena] and it was a typical multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games with three lanes. The objective was, as usual, destroying the enemy base.

"What the hell is that jungler doing?!" Li Shenyang asked out loud. The match has only started five minutes ago, but Li Shenyang was already cursing out his team jungler. The reason for it was that the jungler, not only stolen his creep but also given his opponent a headstart by offering his head on a silver platter, making his opponent earn the first kill achievement in the match. Because of this, Li Shenyang ends up being in a disadvantage so early in the game. Thus, he won't be able to roam and support other lanes for a long time.

To make matter worse, the jungler blamed him for being blind and not supporting him. "Very good… Does this little ancestor think that it is a good idea to do a turret dive after stealing my creeps? And now he's blaming me?"

Of course, Li Shenyang was too lazy to type to even scold the jungler so he continued to passively increase his CS. After he finished the third wave, he quickly returned to the base to buy an item to upgrade himself. But when he looked at the map, he saw that the jungler was stealing his creeps again.

"…" Li Shenyang was rendered speechless by his team jungler. Then, not long after, there was an announcement that says that his team jungler was killed, giving his lane opponent the second head. "Well, fuck me! This really is a pig teammate, ah!"

Li Shenyang has the heart to throw the game and give up but then he saw something amazing happening in the top lane. His team top lane was ganked by two players of the opposite team. Then, the enemy mid-laner went to top lane after clearing the creeps to join the gank, outnumbering his team's top lane 3-to-1. Luckily, Li Shenyang's spell was teleport so he quickly teleported to the top lane to support. After all, their jungle is still 10 seconds away from respawning while bot lane is too far away.

When Li Shenyang arrived, he quickly threw his first skill towards the enemy mid lane champion. His first skill has the charm effect, therefore, the player will not be able to control his champion for 2 seconds. After being charmed, his team's top lane saw this as a chance so the player released his knock-up skills, targeting the enemy mid-laner while ignoring the other two. Li Shenyang understood what his teammate wanted to do so he quickly cast his second skill, which is an AoE attack with a slow effect. After that, he focused on the enemy mid-laner, landing basic attack upon basic attack.

The poor mid-laner noticed that things don't bode well for him so he tried to escape. Both Li Shenyang and his teammate noticed this. Li Shenyang was at first, wanting to let the mid-laner go and focused on the other two instead, but his teammate suddenly pinged him to attack.

Then, he saw that his teammate used flash, and once again, knocked the mid-laner up. The health left was only a minuscule so Li Shenyang quickly flashed and killed the mid-laner with only his basic attack.

A shutdown announcement and Li Shenyang obtained the bounty. The two then returned to deal with the other two. Though they couldn't kill the enemy, their harvest in this clash was actually quite good. Both of them returned to base to recover health and mana. While waiting, Li Shenyang decided to check on the map. Then he saw that the jungler is once again, stealing his creeps.

[KStarMaster(private): Ignore the jungler. Whenever you can roam to top lane. I will help you increase your CS.]

KStarMaster is the ID of Li Shenyang's team top lane. Based on the gameplay earlier, Li Shenyang has a good feeling about this player. So he quickly typed his reply.

[YangShen(private): No need. You just focus farming first. It is still early mid-phase. The disadvantages can still be closed in without having you sacrifice your own CS. Plus, our bot lane is doing extremely well.]

After saying this, there was an announcement that says the enemy bot lane tower has been destroyed. Seeing this, Li Shenyang quickly bought few items but instead of going to his lane, he detoured to the jungle area, closing into the jungle creep that gives mana restoration. Almost immediately, the area he's in was filled with warning pings from the jungler but Li Shenyang didn't bother with it and continued to attack the jungle creep. To his surprise, KStarMaster also joined him. But he didn't steal the buff. He simply helped Li Shenyang kill it faster because he noticed that their jungler was approaching. Once Li Shenyang secured the buff, his team's jungler sends out a string of curses in the chat.

[KneelToYourAncestor: What the fuck is this mid doing?! First, he was blind and now he's stealing my jungle creep! Fuck! I'm going to report you!!]

In response to this, Li Shenyang simply sends out a smiley, which agitated the jungler even more. The match proceeded normally after that. Li Shenyang returned to his lane and farmed comfortably. On the 15th minutes of the match, the enemies decided to gank on him. KStarMaster quickly dealt with the top tower before going down to support him. The two from bot-lane also went up in order to participate in the clash.

But there was one person who was missing from their team. Looking at the map, Li Shenyang saw that their jungler actually went to the enemy jungle. Li Shenyang didn't see the enemy jungler, so he deftly placed a ward in one of the brushes nearby. He didn't expect to hit a jackpot and found the enemy jungler right away. He even saw that the enemy jungler has a blue and red glow on him.

"Hahahahaha!" Li Shenyang can't help but laugh out loud. "That idiot jungler just wasted his time. The enemy jungle has long been cleaned up!"

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It was 4, against 5 with the enemies outnumbering them. When Li Shenyang revealed the enemy jungler's position, KStarMaster was the first one to react. Triggering his third skill, a chain was thrown towards the jungler and managed to hook him. Then, he was pulled toward their team's group. KStarMaster's reaction time surprised Li Shenyang as he wasn't ready yet.

But luckily, even though he was surprised, he still managed to react in time. Being beaten 4v1, it didn't take long for the enemy jungler to die. The jungler didn't even get to do anything as since he was cc-ed to his death. His teammates have tried to help him, but Li Shenyang had casted his second skills which slowed them down so they didn't get to save the jungler in time.

Following the jungler's death, the team clashed and they were evenly matched. It wasn't until the enemy made a mistake did the advantage tilt to their side. Once again, it was KStarMaster who reacted the fastest and took advantage of the mistake. Unfortunately, they didn't get to kill them but they do manage to push them back. Both teams were low on health and have to recall back to base.

This time, a certain someone who was MIA during the team fight decided to try and bags the kill when he saw the opponent's health was low. But unfortunately, his game mechanic was so bad that he missed most of his skills, and ends up being killed instead.

Li Shenyang's whole team:…

After a gruelling one-hour-long match of 4vs5, Li Shenyang's team finally won after much tenacity. They all reported the jungler for throwing the game before thanking everyone else for the game.

Li Shenyang wanted to go to sleep right after but when he was about to log off, he noticed that there was a notification on his friend list. Checking it, he saw that KStarMaster has added him as a friend. Since he had a good feeling about this player, he accepted it without any hesitation. A few seconds later, he received a message.

[KStarMaster: Good game earlier. How about another match?]

"It's already this late and you want to play another match? No way. That match earlier already burned out most of my brain cells, I need sleep!" Li Shenyang said out loud as he typed.

[YangShen: It's already late. I have class tomorrow. Maybe next time.]

[KStarMaster: Oh. Alright. Next time, then. Have a nice rest.]

[YangShen: You too! Will be looking forward to our next cooperation! :)]

After sending his last message, Li Shenyang finally closed the game client and went to sleep. Little did he know that that was the last match he would ever play on King's Arena because when he opened his eyes next, the game King's Arena was shut down.

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