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Calidum Lutum Migration


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300 years... that's how long it took for this tribe of lava blasters to forge a tunnel under the sea. The structure stretched from one end of the world to the other. Their prime aim was led by a prophecy. An urge, a will and a crave to finally find their haven where the world was mostly offering an ice age. Following the prophecy led the tribe on a strange continent, where the ice age had double the impact. This strange land carried mythical animals, strange powers too but there is one race that threaten them from transforming this place into a haven, the snow Ignites! Will Zabal lead his tribe towards the sweet taste of salvation? The prophecy itself was revealed to this chief over 300 years ago, he was the leader of this hunt for a better living! Let's hope the odds favour the religious led movement, or this continent will become a grave for these opportunists. _______________________________________________________ Note for readers new and old. This is the first ever prequel of my main series "ELECTUS - A tale of Peaceful Demons." In this prequel, you'll go 9,000 years back in time, over 3,000 years before the first Era in Ignis even began. For the fictional history lovers, this is a great read for you as the Calidum Lutum, who are one of the most mysterious race in Ignis, will be given a spot to shine. This story will give a vibe of colonization, but at the same time the Calidum Lutum will be pressured by a race who stands natively superior, the Snow Ignites. To enjoy this story, the main series doesn't have to be read, as even there the Calidum Lutum aren't featured enough. Reading this story however, will make your heart tingle if you go and read the main series after, call it nostalgia. _______________________________________________________


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I just finished chapter 1, and the premise is very interesting. I corrected a few word choice mistakes. The first three paragraphs are all past-tense (which is good), but then after that it switches to present tense for a while. There is also still a lot of switching between present-tense and past-tense after this point. Likewise, there are many sentences where the first half of the sentence is one tense, and then the second half of the sentence is another tense. For example: "If they don't see the light soon, death might reach a few more souls before the taste of salvation could ever bless their tongues that spoke out the words of the holy up until this point." (The first half is present-tense, the second half is past-tense.) I would change this to: "If they didn't see the light soon, death might have reached a few more souls before the taste of salvation could ever bless their tongues, which spoke out the words of the holy up until this point." (Now the entire sentence is past-tense. This is also a nondefining clause, so you need a comma after "tongues.") Several examples of using present-tense within the first chapter: Zabal encourages, his tone thundering... (present tense) He is the chief of this tribe, but his value recently has become (present tense) ...because only he can burst lava out of his palm while any other lava controller of lower levels can only (present tense) ...only one who can keep... (present tense) Continuing his ray...Zabal pierces... (present tense) Since no soul is going.... he continues. (present tense) Lastly, I would change the cover art and title. Although people shouldn't judge a book by its cover, everyone still does (sadly). You'll notice that novels with cool art and a very simple name generally get more views. If you want to, you can type "fantasy art lava mage" into google images and there are some good pictures you could use to get more views. Or type "fantasy art infernal." As for the title, it's hard to think of something simple. It's all up to you. Some ideas: "The Infernal Tribe," "Infernal Exodus," or "Tribe of Infernals." (An infernal is a giant flaming rock monster. I know the tribe isn't actually made up of infernals, but I just pictured the 10 foot tall Zabal with veins of lava looking like this picture: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Dalf9AkUMAAWkoN.jpg) The word 'infernal' also just sounds good to the imagination. Something that's interesting to note, is that in traditional publishing for hardcover books, publishers will often spend $5,000 to $10,000 to pay a graphic artist to make the perfect cover art for each book. They know that people judge books by their covers. Anyways, it's all up to you. I won't be offended if you decide to keep it the way it is without changing anything. 😛


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