1 Prologue

The Deum de lumine (god of light) create the whole universe with the help of other gods and goddesses, he creates the two main worlds, the world called Terra(earth) where the ordinary humans lives, the other one is called Caelum where the all good magical beings like fairy,elves, white witches/wizards, white mage,good vampires and wolves, and etc lives.

But the numen tenebris (goddess of darkness) got jealous when many numbers of the beings only worship the Deus Omnium(god of all) and other gods and goddesses but never worship her because many numbers of the beings afraid on her, and because of that she make a new world for those who worship her, the world called Inferis(Underworld) where the all bad beings lives.

And the spreading of chaos in the universe starts, so to maintain the peace in the universe the Deus Omnium(god of all) share his power of creation to a rigthful ruler that willingly protects the two world that he creates but the Goddess of darkness don't want her sacrifices goes to nothing, so she used the same tactics, she also share her power of destruction to someone that is capable of handling it, a woman who is capable of handling her power of destruction.

A many million years have passed but the battle of the two chosen ones never ends... Every time they will battle it always end up nothing... It is always a draw.

Even the gods and goddesses wants to interfere... They have no choice but to do nothing because it is one of their rules. So the god of light and goddess of darkness lend their full power to the last chosen ones.

The god of light gave his full power to a young prince named Calian.

And the goddess of darkness gave her full power to a young girl named Khalida who was deprived of having a happy family.

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Could this two chosen one will choose to do their own task and fight each other?

Or there will a sudden change on their plans if they meet each other?

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