By the Power of Plot Armor! Book

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By the Power of Plot Armor!


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"I don't want to be the monster that scares bad little children into behaving. I want to be the one they look to when they're in danger. I'm not a weapon pointed at them, I am their shield." The world lies on the brink of utter chaos. Only the great Protector, Steel Lance, and his relatively few compatriots stand between peace and mutually assured destruction. In the middle of all this, a young student named Amyna Anthropos lives a full and peaceful life. However, he lacks purpose, seeking only to sustain his current way of life. Unlike a great amount of his classmates, Amyna has no power of his own, yet he remains the most optimistic of them all. When he discovers an ancient breastplate bearing the inscription 'Become the Main Character,' he will learn what it means to aspire to something greater.


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