By my leave, Alpha Book

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By my leave, Alpha


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If I am to make it out of here alive I can not wake the man who I choose to go home with. Of all nights to get pushed over the edge, why did I have to go home with someone. But I needed to get my mind off the fact my boyfriend of 3 years just dumped me after graduation. So here I am. Trying to pull my panties out from under Jacob? Jackson? Crap. If there was ever a story to judge me it’s this one. ‘Andrea Fray, if u don’t come down I’m leaving’ a text flashed on my phone. Great my best friend was leaving me to walk or hail a cab. Who needs underwater, right. It’s been 6 weeks since my drunken one night stand and I’m sitting here in the bathroom of the apartment Denise ‘Nessi’ and I share as she hugs me. “‘it’s ok, we can figure it out, we don’t have to return to the pack next week, I’m sure we can tell ur dad something to get out of the pairing ceremony.” The pairing ceremony was a chance for all packs to join and a few from over seas, to come together and find their mates, it goes on for 2 weeks for maximum pairing. But I know if I find my mate there is no chance he will be able to accept another and child. I’m daughter to the most powerful pack of North America, the Blood Rain pack. I cannot return carrying a child when I am not claimed. Being pregnant and unclaimed was very bad, usually females who got pregnant with another males pup who wasn’t their mate, were killed because her mate didn’t want to raise another wolfs pup. I don’t think my father could protect me seeing as how it was one of the laws he introduced when he rose to power. It was the first night of the pairing ceremony and alphas rolled in with their unmated pack members and usually a few warriors from their packs. There was well over 10,000 by now. I was headed to the kitchen to sneak a little snack when a delicious smell took me to the front door. The smell of fresh rain and mint, just mouthwatering. There he stood, 6’4” black wavy hair, muscles straining his white button up was showing off the outline of an 8 pack. MATE! Crap….


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