1 1. Tiara Xue

"Shall we go eat out today? It's payday!" Dania said excitedly as she leaned towards her neighboring table.

"You know I can't, i have to save up." Tiara sighed as she looked at her closest friend in the office who turned around dejectedly after hearing her response.

A year has already passed following her college graduation and here she is, still can not completely get up on her feet. She worked as a service crew in a fast food chain to support herself in college then worked as salesclerk at a mall to finance her review for the professional exam and yet after passing the exam, she still haven't fully established herself.

Tiara Xue, born in an aristocratic family who previously owns a chain of supermarkets and bakeries on the country, was raised like a pampered princess as the only daughter of the Xue family. That is until luck has turned its back on them while she was in middle school causing the downfall of their business and their family to be looked down upon.

They lost their house and everything they owned from that 'man-made calamity'. Her father who was the head of the family was forced to work at a factory and her mother who was sick stayed at the small house they managed to secure from selling the valuable items that they managed to salvage. Their relatives who only looked up to her father for support as he solely managed the family business can offer little help as the fall of the main branch of the family became the fall of the whole family.

She does not know the complete back story of what happened back then as her father refused to get her involved but she knew that it was an act of betrayal and she swore to herself that she will find out everything. She will establish herself and regain everything that rightfully belongs to them and take revenge to anyone who had a hand in that calamity.

Not long after the complete irreversible bankruptcy of the Xue family's business, the families they considered friends has gradually turned their back on them seeing that they can no longer reap any benefit from being friends with them.

'Maybe such is the way of life.' Tiara thought, the slight flicker of viciousness in her eyes disappearing as quickly as it came as she pulled herself from reminiscing the past and continued typing the information of the new employees in their company database.

"Ara its time to get off work, don't tell me your working overtime again." Dania told her exasperatedly, "Have you forgotten the office arithmetic i showed you last time?" She continued as she saw Tiara still so focused on her work without any indication of stopping.

"Yeah i remember," Tiara lightly laughed as she pictured the office arithmetic her friend used to lecture her about constantly working overtime.

Dumb boss+Smart Employee=Promotion

Smart boss+Dumb Employee=Production

Smart boss+Smart Employee=Profit

Dumb boss+Dumb Employee=Overtime!

Tiara laughed at the graciousness of her friend to search for things and reasons to prevent her from always working overtime although she felt blessed to have such a friend who worries about her well being.

"Yeah you remember? So why are you still working overtime? Are you admitting that you are dumb and even dragging our boss to be dumb together with you?" Dania questioned while looking at her incredulously which Tiara found amusing since her eyes widened to a fraction making her look like a girly child who has just been told that the blue candy floss is better than the pink one.

"Well, your a smart employee so you better get off on time to avoid being considered a dumb employee like me," Tiara giggled, "Or since were friends, why not be dumb together?" she suggested, faking an enthusiastic look to spite her friend.

"Uhh! I really can't believe you! I don't want to be your friend anymore, i don't want a dumb friend!" Daina stomped her foot and crossed her arms.

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"I'll just finish these, you know these extra work has extra pay, i need it. Besides, even if i'm dumb i know you still love me." She grinned mischievously.

Daina know of her friend's predicament, she know she needs money but she needs rest too. She feels bad that she can do little help to ease her friend's distress since she is not from a well off family that is why she always tries to ensure that she will not overwork herself and at least get off work on time once a week so she can have proper rest. But today, she feels that she will not be able to divert her attention and convince her to go home and rest. She sighed and shook her head then reminded her to eat dinner on time and left dejectedly after setting the desk clock she gifted to Tiara to alarm at 7:30 to ensure she remember to eat.

Tiara smiled when the desk clock rang at 7:30 which initially startled her, she stretched her hands and typed some finishing touches before closing her computer to go have dinner so as not to waste the thoughtful act of her friend and she knew that anytime from now she would call to check up on her, and here it comes,

She smiled as she looked at her ringing phone to answer it while walking out of the office, she raised it on her ears ready to assure her friend that she's already going out to eat but she froze when she looks up and saw the person she never thought of seeing again, how cliche..

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