2 2 chapter communication is very useful part of business. because then you convince to customer.

we should apply batter communication between to 1 and 2 person .like my friend is very clever and very effective communication

I am really excited because they are apply word according to person.

so first conversation

including feeling



eye contact

heard properly

communication best part is

we should hearding properly to person.in the talk we should include , really, what like good and shok impression

so 1person understand that he understands my feeling create respect automatically

thats really amazing

so first rule

do you want to convince your thoughts

first you should understand feeling of 1 person after that say your thoughts

problem of communication

do not heard thought of second person

and misunderstanding

in your words do not create""" control line ""

it's very deep

say that you can not do it

don't create control line


you can do it obiesly

so we should encourage to second person.

so it's very impact full.


1 first impressions is last impressions

that is important

so first

boy impress to girl


first eye contact is important.because it's very impacted

so business line , we should do that

do you conversation to other people so eye contact with smile.that is big sward of convince power of the world.

after that explains your word to that mind language

mind language means you should understand person feeling and behavior after that put your think according to person

it's important for human.because we are connect to each other and give respect and smile, convince everything like businesses deal...

summery of the constant

first understand and heard properly .like I like to this dish ,I like it (say first person)and we including a words really I like so much and really it's very good. you choice really god

so first person , o wow we are similar , after that put your think

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convince you though by first person

let's get a one story

one woman did the business broker of house and sell the plots and house

and that women handle many person for buy houses but she did not convince very well

many customers did not buy houses after that decided to skip the work

and last day , she was handle one women

and talk about similar like friend so that women very impress to her and lastly convince about the house and that's day teach some new and inovative .

so we should make a person like I understand your thoughts and feeling . I respect you sir

you were handle a pressure in your life

you are really amazing sir and I am honored to stay near you

that is a communication of business and real time

because human is hunger of feeling , respect and understanding

so first heard properly after that decided to how to talk with him and what is impact of word after you can communicate each other

that's important thing of human behavior and most important business line.

so in the business very important to communicate and eye contact

younger boy know that's think like eye contact

because we can see that in eye .he/ she is give respect and understand my words

so impress to other person direct to indirectly.

in the business we should care of Clint and customer because that's very important for business.in the business how to know about best and final customer

like 5000 customer here and 1000 customer are best and final customer which means buy many products one time and ever time buy a product to fix company which means final customer

so 1000 customer

----------------------------- ×100 =20%

5000 customer-

20 percentage perfect customer

so we can say that our perfect customer

some time

customer is King of market so how to attract the customer how to retain old customer

firstly we should know about loyal customer

loyal customer is important in business

because they create many other customers

loyal customer expansion cost 20 percentage but profit margins 80% so that's important thing to old customer is valuable and current asset in business and they create business brand equity so new customer retain expansion cost 80% and get 20 percentage margin of profit that's important customer

everything done by communication

like old customer will come to store so we should talk them like friend and information about our product and customer ready to buy a many products at that time

and your margin is high then your expansion cost so we can get ultimate profit to that's strategy.....,