3 Little Friend, Take the Money and Go Home!

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Luo Tiantian could no longer use words to describe her shock.

So, it turned out that this was the real top-grade "luxury"?

She kept her gaze and looked at the floors above the second floor.

Generally, the second floor was the master bedroom and study room.

As such, the decorations there were more exquisite than on the first floor.

As for the third floor and above…

Apologies, but she didn't stay in a villa with more than three floors before, let alone that there were several floors above this.

She blinked and mumbled, "I really want to see how it is like upstairs…"

At this moment, a sudden voice interrupted Luo Tiantian's thoughts.

"Young Master, this is the check you requested for."

Luo Tiantian heard the voice and quickly kept her gaze.

An elegant and experienced butler dressed in a dark dovetail butler uniform handed over a check to Xue Feimo with both hands respectfully.

Xue Feimo received the check, picked up the signature pen, scribbled on it, and filled in an amount.

He walked toward Luo Tiantian step by step. "Little friend, take the money and go home!"

After saying this, he stood up and walked toward the elevator.

"…" Luo Tiantian looked at Xue Feimo's back view in a daze.

His white shirt and black trousers looked a little wrinkled as he had sat on the sofa all night.

However, this didn't affect his 1.85-meter height and rich and handsome temperament.

"Indeed, he's a non-player character villain boss who looks just like Qiao Qiao. His figure is… amazing!" Luo Tiantian mumbled softly.

After seeing his figure disappear into the elevator, Luo Tiantian kept her gaze, somewhat dissatisfied.

"Young lady, do you need me to get someone to send you home?" The butler asked, smiling.

There was a distant feeling in the words that was hard to ignore.

"… There's no need to. I'll go back on my own."

Luo Tiantian shook her head, took the check, and got up.

It wasn't that she didn't want anyone to send her home. It was that the original owner was homeless, and she didn't know where she should go for the time being as well.

"Alright, Miss." The butler made a "please" gesture.

Luo Tiantian nodded. "Thanks."

She came to the infinity swimming pool outside the villa, which overlooked the entire villa.

Horse stable, taming farm, vineyard, orchard, golf course, tennis court…

There was everything.

It looked like a large-scale integrated villa that combined both lifestyle and entertainment.

It occupied several hills.

Luo Tiantian could no longer use visual inspection to determine its total land area.

She only felt that her level of knowledge was crushed at an unprecedented level.

"Ah! This is so big. How many days will it take for me to walk out of here?" Luo Tiantian wailed in despair.

If she had known, she would have gotten that two-faced butler to send her off.

What should she do now?

Should she head back and beg him?


Enjoy life while thinking about her plans?

After all, it was very difficult for outsiders to enter such a high-class private villa.

It was a rare opportunity.

As she thought of this, Luo Tiantian suddenly felt that she wasn't in a rush.

Anyway, the villa had everything. She should just play to her fill.

Luo Tiantian cheered and ran down the hill toward the horse stable.


In the study room on the second floor.

Xue Feimo was sitting at his desk, looking at the documents in his hands.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. "Knock knock."

Xue Feimo didn't look up. "Come in."

The butler walked in with a cup of coffee.

After placing the cup of coffee on the desk, the butler said, "Young Master, that Miss went to the horse stable."

"…" Xue Feimo froze. "What's she doing there?"

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