Dear Man,

Give me a minute of your precious time..And listen all my cries and pain..!

You are the reason i am sore and numb,

You are the one who is too much dumb..!

You think I'm a paper whom you can use and destroy or broke,

Oh mister, let me tell you I am hard as rock..!

You know what you did today with your smartness,

You proved yourself a fool with your smile and kindness..!

You think you can destroy me so badly,

Don't forget you were the one who fall for me lately..!

Yes you are right,

I am the paper on whom you can write..;

Your stories and pain,

Your glory and gain;

But my dear man

How can you forgot this simple stupid thing,

Who can break is the one who bring;

You will destroy then other will come,

To fix me with all love and enthusiasm...!

I will be the piece of art one day

Who is broken by you,

But more than that

Create by you;

You are my creature

And destroyer as well,

Am the art made by you

Still shining with all my pain...!

One will go then one will come,

I will be strong as day will pass and come;

You will fall for my beauty one day or on the night's shore,

Oh sweetheart,don't forget

I ll never forgive your sins for sure...!

So oh Dear Man,

Have a good life;

Let me live with dreams of mine,

Or go to hell i really don't mind..!