1 Story of Nikki Lindsey: Chapter One


Staring blankly to a pink Chinese Magnolia tree across her, she cannot appreciate its beautiful flowers when her heart is breaking apart.

She couldn't count on how many sighs she heaves already. Remain to stare at the full blooms of a Tulip tree, suddenly someone blocks her vision. Still lost with her thoughts, she looks up to whoever this person is.

"Miss Nikki Noreen Lindsey?"

Like an angelic voice, how beautiful he pronounces her name. His Indian accent blended beautifully with his English fluency.

Realizing who it was, she immediately stood from the bench she seated at this hospital park garden. 

"Doctor Ryan!" she bursts out nervously. 

Startled, she blushes upon realizing how she looks like an idiot in front of him. She watches her mother overnight and so, she hasn't taken a shower yet nor washes her face. 

Conscious of her looks, she greeted him, bows partly. "Good morning, Doctor Ben."

"Good morning, Miss Lindsey." The doctor smiled warmly. 

Meeting his gaze, he seems to don't mind at all. The nature of his profession, certainly he crosses to a more embarrassing circumstance than peering at her super stressed face to this very early of the morning.

Doctor Ben Ryan is a specialist in any rare case of an illness like her mother, Lucy Lindsey. She prayed that it won't be bad news, the reason why he speaks with her in the garden when he could ask his secretary to relay a message that he wants to talk with her.

"I did call you in the hallway, but you didn't seem to hear me."

"Oh, that… I'm very sorry, Doctor Ryan. Truly, I didn't hear you," she apologizes.

"Nah, it's okay. I just wanted to talk to you about something."

"Oh, okay, err, Doctor Ben," she tried not to stutter her words, but prepare herself for whatever the doctor will inform her.

"I already explained to you everything about your mother's condition. But since blood type A negative is such a rare one, I cannot assure the success of her medication without continuing the blood transfusion."

Her world has collapsed once again. In these passing months, she's been looking non-stop for a donor that has the same blood type as her mother. It may be that they were on the top list, still, this blood type is uncommon to 7.8 Billion people on this planet. If only she could give hers, she won't have this problem. But her blood type is different from her mother.

"But don't lose hope, okay?" Doctor Ryan's encouragement. "We never stop seeking a person who has this same type of blood. Even to small towns of this country, we've been searching for someone willing to sell a bag of his blood," he added.

Before she replied, she heaved a long sigh. "Thank you, Doctor Ryan. I keep contacting my relatives, might they know someone who could transfuse blood to my mother."

"Keep praying, surely an angel would descend from heaven."

She smiled from his phrase. It did comfort her. "Thank you, Doctor Ryan."

There is nothing to lose if she will believe in a miracle. All she wishes is to heal her mother, but that won't happen if she can't get someone who has the same blood type as her mother.

Where could she find that person?

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