1 Prologue

"Ariel." I whisper, gently shaking her by her shoulders. Its 3 P.M. meaning it's almost lunch. Ariel groans softly and looks up at me, her once vibrant blue eyes now dull and empty. "What's wrong?" I ask softly, sitting down next to her on the bed. "I feel hopeless." she answers but something tells me that that's not really it. "Is that all Ariel?" I ask in a stern yet gentle voice. "What if the label is right about me?" she asks and I can hear her voice cracking.

"They're not." I reply, a bit harshly. "Since we left, they're hoping we'll fail. You can't let them hold this over your head like that." I bend down and gently kiss her forehead. "Shawn?" she whispers, "When you drank... Did it make you feel better?"

"Not at all." I pull her closer to me, holding her, "It was a bad way of coping. I was numb while I was drunk. It's an easy addiction to fall into." Ariel nods her head, gently resting her small hands on my chest. "I've only been drunk a few times." she mutters under her breath. "Let's keep it that way." I murmer.

"Shawn, can I ask you another question?" Ariel whispers with pleading eyes. "Of course." I reply softly, gently stroking her cheek. I try using the most gentle movements in order to make her feel safe and secure. "The label broke us... What if I'm always damaged? What if I'm always broken?" her voice trembles, it's hardly above a whisper.

"Everyone is damaged somehow, it's what makes us special." I whisper softly, running my fingers through her hair. She nods and we fall asleep holding each other.

I don't know why I thought everything would be okay after that day; it clearly wasn't. Now, I have to take the reins and help my wife. I just hope I can stop her, before it's too late. Before she turns into me. I have to save her from herself. I started this, so I have to stop it.

I caused this the moment I started drinking, I gave her ideas. I abused her. I don't deserve her. But she's always stayed with me, through thick and thin and I intend to do the same.